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Fear of Bad Results: Will I Be Happy With My Plastic Surgery Results?

A concern many people considering cosmetic surgery have is whether or not they are going to be happy with their results. What happens if you spend thousands of dollars and spend weeks recovering only to be disappointed. Dr. Weston of the Austin-Weston Center explains how patients can set reasonable expectations for plastic surgery as well as what plastic surgeons should do in order to insure the best possible results ?? Questions addressed during this video: •  What results you should expect from cosmetic surgery •  How surgeons should help set expectations for plastic surgery •  What is and isn't possible for plastic surgery to accomplish •  How you will know if the results are good. ?? Learn More | http://bit.ly/AWLearn ?? Blog | http://bit.ly/CosmeticSurgeryFears CONTACT US: ?? 703.893.6168 ?? austin-weston.com ?? [email protected]  ?? Schedule a consultation: http://bit.ly/AustinWeston-Consultation ?? Subscribe to our blog: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonBlogSubscribe FOLLOW US: ?? Facebook: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonFacebook ?? Instagram: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonInstagram ?? Snapchat: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonSnapchat ?? Twitter: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonTwitter