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Breast Implant Revision Surgery in Reston, VA

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Reston, VA Breast Implant Revision Surgery with Austin-Weston

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Women who undergo breast augmentation often love their results, but some may choose to change their implants later in life based on size, after pregnancy, or for other reasons. Our Reston plastic surgeons perform hundreds of breast augmentations per year and are often consulted to give a second opinion after a patient has already had surgery somewhere else and is unhappy with her breast augmentation result. Our plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, have years of experience and expert training. Call our Reston, VA, office today to schedule a consultation to learn how breast implant revision surgery can help you.


What is Breast Revision Surgery?

Reimagine Perfection

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Reston

Breast implant revision surgery aims to replace existing breast implants with new ones while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of the breasts. This procedure may involve various modifications, such as a concurrent breast lift, breast reduction, or reshaping of the pocket that holds the implant to reposition it on the chest. In some cases, women may decide to have their implants removed to return to their pre-surgery size. In other instances, women may opt for a different implant size for a more dramatic or subtle result.


What are the benefits of Breast Revision?

Do I need Breast Revision surgery?

At our practice in Reston breast implant revision surgery is often sought for various reasons, including situations where a previous breast augmentation did not yield the desired outcome or when scar tissue forms around the implants. Additionally, women may opt for this procedure to achieve a different breast size or to remove their implants altogether. Breast implant revision surgery can also include areola reduction or nipple reduction to improve the appearance of the nipples in relation to the breasts.

A Desire To Have a Different Breast Size

One common reason for breast revision surgery is the desire to change the size of the implants. Over time, personal preferences may shift, leading some women to opt for smaller or larger implants. This decision can be influenced by factors such as aesthetic preferences, the desired shape, type, or texture of the implants, and changes in weight due to age or pregnancy.

The Removal of Breast Implants

Another motivation for breast revision surgery is the removal of breast implants. Some women may no longer wish to have implants and prefer their natural breasts, especially if they have experienced natural changes in breast size, such as after childbirth or during menopause.

Implant Rupture

Saline and silicone breast implants can both rupture. If this happens, our plastic surgeons will recommend the implant be replaced, and based on the age of the implants, they may also recommend the other non-ruptured implant also be changed. This is a great opportunity to change any other issues the patient has with the breast, such as a desire to change the size of the breast or have a more lifted appearance.

Double Bubble

A double bubble refers to a breast implant that has gone below the natural fold of the breast, creating two breast folds. One of these is the natural breast crease, and one is the lower border of the implant. This can be a result of too large an implant being placed, lax breast folds pre-op or after weight loss, or aggressive dissection at the time of implant placement. The correction for this typically involves changing the implant and re-securing the fold with special sutures or mesh.

Scarring or Capsular Contracture

Every breast implant placed has a thin capsule surrounding it. On rare occasions, this capsule, which is made of scar tissue, can thicken and become hard. Medications can sometimes be used to treat an early capsular contracture, but a late contracture that has been present for years may require removal of the implant and surrounding capsule and placing a new breast implant.

Breast Rippling

When a breast implant develops a ripple or a wrinkle within itself, it sometimes can be seen under the skin around the outside of the breast of the patient. This is more prone in very thin patients with saline implants that are not under the muscle. Options for revision include fat grafting to the breast to conceal the ripple, changing the implant to a submuscular plane, changing to a more firm implant such as a cohesive gel, using a special mesh to help support the implant, or a combination of the above-described options.


Your Breast Revision Surgery Consultation

Precision, Perfection, Possibilities

While there are many reasons you may decide to revise a previous breast enhancement, finding the right surgeon for the job may be more difficult. At Austin-Weston, our surgeons take their time to understand your needs and desires to ensure maximum satisfaction.

During your consultation for breast implant revision surgery Reston patients will collaborate with our doctors to establish realistic goals for your aesthetic. You and your doctor will review the breast revision process, and you will have time to ask all of the questions you may have so that you are confident and comfortable with your procedure. Schedule your consultation today!


Your Breast Revision Surgery Procedure

The Art of Enhancement

Breast implant revision surgery involves several key steps to achieve the desired results. The procedure begins with the administration of anesthesia, where medications are given to ensure your comfort throughout the surgical process.

Your doctor will recommend either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia based on your individual needs and preferences. The next step in the surgery is the incision. The type of incision used depends on the specific procedures planned for your breast implant revision. There are several options available, including the inframammary incision, which is made in the crease under the breast. Another option is the breast lift incision, which can be either a vertical incision or a Wise pattern incision. Another option, the peri-areolar incision, involves an incision partially or completely around the areola. The choice of incision will be determined by your surgeon based on factors such as your anatomy and desired outcomes.

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Once the necessary adjustments have been made, the final step is the closure of the incisions. This is typically done using techniques like sutures, skin adhesives, tapes, or clips, which help secure the incisions and promote proper healing. The specific method used will depend on your surgeon's preference and the unique aspects of your surgery.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Reston

Breast Revision Surgery Recovery and Aftercare

Beauty Redesigned

After undergoing breast implant revision surgery Reston patients can typically anticipate a return to work within one to two weeks. It is advisable to refrain from engaging in strenuous activities for a period of at least two to three weeks. Within two weeks, any visible bruising should start to fade, and swelling will gradually diminish within about six weeks. You will be provided with aftercare instructions to help you make a safe and optimal recovery and have your healing checked at post-operative visits.


Breast Revision Surgery Results

Rejuvenate Your Curves

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Reston

After breast implant revision surgery, it is important to understand that the final results will initially be affected by swelling, which can take around six weeks to subside, resulting in softer and more natural-feeling breasts. However, in some cases, it may take six to twelve months for the breasts to feel completely normal. Each person's healing process is unique, and it is crucial to have realistic expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. Following your physician's post-surgery instructions is vital for a successful recovery, and you should avoid subjecting the surgical incisions to excessive force, friction, or movement during the healing period. Your doctor will provide you with specific guidelines on self-care.

Breast Revision SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions

Are there any potential risks or complications associated with Breast Implant Revision surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, breast implant revision surgery carries certain risks. These can include infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, changes in breast or nipple sensation, implant rupture, capsular contracture (hardening of scar tissue around the implant), asymmetry, or dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome. It is important to discuss these potential risks with your surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Can Breast Implant Revision surgery address issues related to breast shape or symmetry?

Yes, breast implant revision surgery can help address concerns related to breast shape or symmetry. Along with replacing the implants, the surgery can involve procedures such as a breast lift, reduction, or reshaping of the implant pocket to achieve a desired shape and improve overall symmetry.

Will the appearance of scars be a concern after Breast Implant Revision surgery?

Scarring is a normal part of any surgery. The location and size of the incisions will influence the extent of scarring. Experienced surgeons strive to place incisions in inconspicuous areas to minimize their visibility. Over time, scars tend to fade and become less noticeable, but individual healing patterns can vary.

When can I expect to see the final results of my Breast Implant Revision surgery?

It is important to have realistic expectations and understand that it may take several months to see the final results of breast implant revision surgery. Swelling needs time to subside, and the tissues need to heal and settle into their new shape. The final appearance of the breasts will gradually evolve over time, with optimal results typically becoming more apparent as the healing process progresses.


Recovery Time 1-6 Weeks
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