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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Reston, VA

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Reston Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with Austin-Weston

A Natural Alternative to Implants

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Many women enjoy increased self-confidence and a more balanced physique with this procedure.

In addition to the desire for fuller breasts, women frequently experience breast changes caused by factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight loss, or breast cancer treatments that alter the shape, size, or position of the breasts. While breast implants remain a popular choice for cosmetic breast augmentation, some women prefer a more natural and moderate approach to increasing breast volume. At our practice in Reston fat transfer breast augmentation, a technique where body fat is used to enhance breast size and shape, has gained popularity in recent years as plastic surgeons have improved and made this procedure more effective. Dr. Andrew Kochuba, an experienced surgeon in fat transfer augmentation, offers this procedure at our Reston office.


What is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Make Fat Work For You

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Reston

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as fat grafting or lipo-injection, involves the removal of excess fat from another area of the body using liposuction techniques that preserve the integrity of the fat cells. This fat is then processed and purified before being carefully injected around the breast tissue using a small cannula. It's important to note that the fat is placed in the subcutaneous layer above the breast tissue, under the breast, and into the pectoralis muscle, rather than directly into the breast tissue itself. Due to this limitation, the amount of fat that can be transferred is restricted, and achieving optimal results may require two to three injection procedures. Dr. Kochuba, with his specialized training and experience, can tailor a personalized approach to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from a fat transfer breast augmentation procedure.


What are the benefits of Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Contour and Reshape Your Body

Fat transfer is a great alternative to traditional breast augmentation using implants. It is perfect for those who desire more subtle changes in breast size or shape. It is especially good at addressing asymmetry and making nuanced adjustments. With breast fat transfer, targeted volume enhancements can be achieved, such as adding a bit of fat above the nipple or in other areas for a better appearance.

Additionally, breast fat transfer has the benefit of increasing breast volume while reducing excess body fat in other areas. Though less fat is typically removed compared to traditional liposuction, patients can still see changes in their overall silhouette. Furthermore, with a fat transfer breast augmentation Reston patients can achieve the highly desirable more natural solution for fuller breasts. Instead of using foreign implants, the procedure involves using the patient's own body fat, making it less invasive and providing an exceptionally natural look.


Your Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Consultation

Volume Where You Want It

The choice to get a fat transfer breast augmentation is personal and comes with many options that may be hard to navigate on your own. At Austin-Weston, we want to hear about and understand your aesthetic goals and motivations for enhancing your bust.

Once we understand your ideal image, we can recommend options, like fat transfer, that work best for the body you want and your lifestyle. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about which augmentation options can help you meet your goals.


Your Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Procedure

Minimal Scarring

A natural breast augmentation involves liposuction to harvest fat from two or three donor locations on the body.

Dr. Kochuba uses small incisions and infiltrates the areas with a tumescent solution before suctioning out the fat. The collected fat is then purified to remove unwanted materials. In the final step, the purified fat is injected into the breasts at varying depths to maximize its survival. Because some fat loss after the procedure is natural, Dr. Kochuba overcompensates with the injections to achieve the desired results. After the procedure, patients recover under the care of our staff in a dedicated recovery room.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Reston

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

A Natural Boost

After the surgery, patients may need to wear a surgical bra to support the healing process. It is common to experience discomfort, bruising, and swelling around the surgical areas for about one to two weeks. Dr. Kochuba may prescribe or recommend an appropriate over-the-counter medication to help manage discomfort during this period. To ensure proper healing, patients should plan on taking a few days to a week off from work. During this time, they will receive instructions on simple exercises that can aid in the healing process and contribute to optimal results. It's important to note that final, long-lasting results typically become noticeable after approximately three to six months.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Will Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer leave visible scars?

The incisions made during the liposuction portion of the procedure for fat harvesting are typically small and discreet. Dr. Kochuba strives to place incisions in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. However, it's important to note that everyone's healing process is unique, and individual scarring can vary. Dr. Kochuba will provide guidance on scar care and steps you can take to promote optimal healing and minimize the appearance of scars.

Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation provide long-lasting results?

Fat transfer breast augmentation can provide long-lasting results. The fat cells that successfully integrate into the breast tissue can remain in place for many years. Some of the transferred fat may be naturally processed out of the body over time. To compensate for this, Dr. Kochuba may slightly overcompensate with the injections to ensure desired results. Following proper post-operative care and maintaining a stable weight can help maximize the longevity of the results.

Can Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation address sagging breasts?

Fat transfer breast augmentation can provide subtle lifting effects for mildly sagging breasts. However, for significant sagging, a breast lift procedure may be more appropriate. During a consultation, Dr. Kochuba can evaluate your specific situation and recommend the most suitable approach to achieve your desired results.


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