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The Legacy of Austin-Weston
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The Story of Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

A Legacy of Excellence

For more than 35 years, Austin-Weston has been synonymous with excellence in plastic surgery for patients from Virginia and around the nation. What began as a professional association between two clinical colleagues would evolve into a center for surgical excellence so well respected that it would foster industry-changing innovations in the way surgeons operated on their patients, led by surgeons who trusted each other with their professional careers, and even their lives. This is the story of Austin-Weston.


The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

The Early Years

A Legacy of Beauty  Reston

In 1978, cosmetic surgery was a much different practice than it is today. Many of the procedures that we now take for granted were still being researched.

Most people thought of plastic surgery as reconstructive, and the concept of cosmetic surgery had just burst into the culture at large. In this exciting environment, a young surgeon named George W. Weston joined his friend and colleague Harvey W. Austin, M.D., to be a part of a new collaborative venture: Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. The two had worked alongside each other for some time and gained each other’s trust and respect through their shared belief that plastic surgery was about creating harmony between the outward appearance and the inner being, not vanity.

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In fact, they trusted each other so much that they even operated on each other, as well as on their wives and family members. Together, they envisioned The Center for Cosmetic Surgery as a focal point for cosmetic surgery on the East Coast. They could attract top-tier talent by creating new and exciting procedures, which would bring in patients looking to experience the harmony they knew they could deliver. The Center for Cosmetic Surgery would change lives for the better.


Board-certified in 1970

Changing Cosmetic Surgery

Even before Austin-Weston was born, Dr. Harvey Austin had made a name for himself as a cosmetic surgeon. Board-certified in 1970, Dr. Austin spent his early years refining his techniques — and developing new ones. Decades before TV shows like The Doctors and Botched made household names out of plastic surgeons, Dr. Austin had been profiled by People magazine for his pioneering work in cosmetic surgery.  In 1980, Dr. Austin began performing lip lifts, and by the time Austin-Weston opened in 1986, he presented 83 lip lift cases. As the Center grew, so did the numbers.

With Dr. Austin and Dr. Weston joined by Dr. Byron Poindexter and Dr. Robert Sigal, the Center’s surgeons presented findings from more than 1,200 lip lifts to the prestigious Journal of Aesthetic Surgery in 2009. But lip lifts are just an example of the type of effort the surgeons put into each procedure. Just like with their lip lifts, they analyzed the results of each procedure they performed, sharing best practices with each other and constantly evaluating the results. They worked with patients to improve the cosmetic surgery experience every time they stepped into the operating room by tailoring their surgeries to match their patients’ needs.

The Legacy Continues…

With the retirement of Dr. Austin after a long and successful career of more than 60 years in cosmetic surgery, his legacy continues in the capable hands of the surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. George Weston and his colleagues, Dr. Andrew Kochuba, Dr. Byron Poindexter, and Dr. Robert Sigal, collaborate intensely on the intriguing possibilities for innovation that present themselves with each patient case at the AAAHC-accredited center. This collaboration between multiple surgeons has always been core to the principles of Austin-Weston, and that continues to this day. Patients who choose Austin-Weston receive the expertise of an entire team of surgeons and support staff for the price of one, all dedicated to bringing about harmony between your outer appearance and inner self.

A Legacy of Beauty  Reston

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