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At our practice in Reston Botox is the most well-known brand of neuromodulator and is our preferred treatment. We do offer all brands of neuromodulator if patients prefer. This includes Xeomin and Dysport. Botox is used to decrease the facial movement that occurs with normal facial expression. As we age, the lines formed during expression can begin to stay in place and give the appearance of sadness or anger. Botox can keep the facial muscles from moving as strongly and thus allow your body's own natural collagen to fill in the fine lines. Keeping up with the treatments is necessary to let the fine lines slowly fill in with time.


Botox Reston

During the initial consultation for Botox Reston plastic surgeons or aesthetic injectors will ask about your concerns and your goals to help you decide if Botox is the best treatment for you. Ideal candidates will have:

  • Wrinkles caused by facial expression that are not present at rest
  • Expression lines that convey sadness or anger in the upper face


A Botox treatment is usually performed on the same day as your consultation in about 15 – 30 minutes as an outpatient procedure. One of our plastic surgeons will clean the treatment sites before the Botox is injected into the facial muscles with a thin needle.

Most Reston Botox patients feel mild to no discomfort during the procedure, but local anesthesia or numbing cream can be used if the patient prefers. Patients will be able to leave right away after their Botox treatment but they should avoid lying down, touching the injection sites, and exercise for at least 24 hours. There may be temporary bruising, swelling, or redness in the first 1 – 2 days.


While some results will be seen soon after the treatment, patients will see optimal results of Botox in 3 – 4 days as the dynamic wrinkles begin to soften and smooth. Final results are seen at two weeks. Botox treatments usually last 3 - 4 months, so patients are encouraged to schedule their next appointment after their treatment to prevent the results from fading.

One of our plastic surgeons or aesthetic injector may also suggest a follow-up appointment in two weeks to check the patient’s progress and add more Botox, if needed. For patients with lines at rest that are worse with animation, Botox can be used to ease the worsening with animation, but filler may also be required to help the appearance at rest. Your provider will discuss this with you during the consultation.


Make all the facial expressions you want without creating wrinkles that make you look older, sad or tired. Give us a call to schedule your Reston Botox consultation today.

Botox Reston


Recovery Time No Downtime
Starting Cost From: $450

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