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Ellacor is an innovative treatment that tightens loose skin and softens facial wrinkles by precisely removing small cores of skin without surgery. After the skin is removed, the body’s natural healing response quickly closes the cores, resulting in tighter skin with fewer facial wrinkles. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we are proud to offer this highly effective treatment for advanced skin rejuvenation in Reston, VA.


What is Ellacor?

The Cutting Edge of Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Ellacor Reston

Meet Ellacor, a unique skin revitalization device that improves the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin without scarring. Unlike other devices that use heat or microneedling, Ellacor employs hollow needles that remove tiny sections of skin.

This process, known as Micro-Coring™, is the first of its kind and offers a new approach to treating wrinkles and visibly tightening and reducing lax skin without surgery. For our patients in Reston Ellacor is especially effective at reducing moderate to severe wrinkles of the lower and mid-face and can also deliver impressive skin tightening and improvements in tone and texture. During each treatment session, approximately 6,000 to 12,000 tiny “microcores” of excess skin are precisely excised. Up to eight percent of the skin's volume can be safely removed, resulting in improved texture and tightness once the skin has healed. The micro-cores, which are less than half a millimeter in diameter, extend through the entire thickness of the skin, ensuring effective results.


Who can benefit from Ellacor?

Get the most out of your treatment.

Ellacor is a highly effective micro-coring device that addresses wrinkles and mild to moderate sagging skin. It is unique among non-surgical treatments for its ability to noticeably reduce and eliminate lax, sagging skin. In clinical trials, 86 percent of patients reported high levels of satisfaction with the outcome of their Ellacor treatments. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes when used on the mid to lower face, and it requires only local anesthesia. Ellacor provides natural results and harnesses the body's natural healing response.


Your Ellacor Consultation

Is Ellacor right for you?

Wondering whether Ellacor is the right treatment to help you look refreshed and fight the signs of aging without surgery? We are here to answer all of your questions, assess your individual needs, and assist you in making a confident decision about any treatment you pursue. We will analyze your skin and facial features and ask about any relevant medical history to ensure that with Ellacor Reston patients can safely achieve the results they are seeking. Call us at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, today to schedule your Reston Ellacor consultation.


Your Ellacor Procedure

Precise Science. Holistic Results.

To ensure your comfort during your session with Ellacor Reston aesthetic specialists will administer local anesthetic to the treatment area. They will then use the specialized Ellacor handpiece to carefully create a grid of micro-cores on the skin's surface.

The Ellacor device is equipped with very fine, hollow needles with an approximately 0.5mm diameter and a built-in vacuum system to remove the excised tissue. This innovative technology is able to treat an area that is 10mm x 10mm in under three seconds while simultaneously removing the cored skin. Your provider will use Ellacor’s finely-tuned settings to adjust the extent of skin removal around your individual needs. When your session is complete, they may apply pressure with a sterile cloth to stop the pinpoint bleeding that typically occurs in the treatment area. Most people benefit from a series of approximately three sessions spaced 30 days apart.

Ellacor Reston

Ellacor Results

Reduce Excess Skin from Within

Results from clinical studies revealed an impressive 90-percent improvement in patients’ moderate to severe wrinkles within six months of their treatment sessions. This is a result of a healing process in which the intact skin “bridges” between the controlled micro-core injuries heal, facilitating skin contraction for a natural lifting effect. The tightening and smoothing effects of Ellacor are long-lasting. As your skin naturally ages and changes, you can have follow-up sessions to maintain your smooth, taut complexion.


Ellacor Recovery and Aftercare

Heal & Reveal

Ellacor Reston

The micro-cores created by Ellacor are designed to heal rapidly and do not require bandages or stitches. You will likely need between three days and a week of social downtime as swelling and redness fade. Your Reston aesthetic specialist will give you clear instructions for caring for your skin as the treatment site heals, which may include applying petroleum jelly to serve as a protective dressing. It is important to avoid sun exposure during this time and to continue practicing good sun protection in order to maintain your results.

EllacorFrequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Ellacor and microneedling?

Both Ellacor and microneedling induce the production of collagen in the skin by creating small, controlled injuries that the body self-heals. However, unlike the microscopic punctures made by a microneedling device, Ellacor removes small cores of skin, which helps reduce the overall amount of skin so that the dermis contracts and tightens as it heals.

Does the procedure hurt?

Local anesthetic is applied to numb the treatment area. Most people report very little discomfort with this procedure. However, we can offer oral medications to ensure your ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Is there anyone who should not have Ellacor treatments?

Ellacor is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have received dermal fillers in the area to be treated within the last six months, have been taking NSAIDs or blood thinners that could lead to excess bleeding, or if you have a history of bleeding disorders, hyperpigmentation, keloids, or autoimmune conditions.

Can I drive myself home after Ellacor treatment?

Most patients choose to take a mild sedative that we provide before Ellacor treatment to ensure maximum comfort and thus will require a support person to drive them home. If you choose to only receive local anesthetic, you will be able to drive after the procedure.


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