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AAAHC-Accredited Plastic Surgery Center in Reston, Virginia

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At the heart of Reston, Virginia, lies a center of transformative artistry – Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Center. Designed from the ground up by Dr. Byron Poindexter, this facility personifies our dedication to superior patient care, privacy, and exceptional outcomes.

As you step into our meticulously designed premises, you'll notice a distinct difference – a purpose-built establishment focusing on cosmetic surgery. We have organized our practice to facilitate smooth patient experiences and to uphold the highest safety standards. Our building is partitioned into two main sections – the Surgical Consultations & Elite Skin Center on one end and the Operating Rooms & Medical Department on the other.

Two lobbies grace our facility, one dedicated to consults, injectables, and skincare, and another for post-op patients. The private post-op lobby ensures discretion and easy access to our medical team for immediate post-operative care. Our commitment to privacy extends to our surgical patients, with a private exit for safety and discretion. We also offer private consultations, and each patient is assigned a personal consultant who serves as their liaison throughout their surgical journey with us.

Why Austin-Weston's Cosmetic Surgery Center is Different

AAAHC-Accredited Surgical Center Reston, Virginia Reston

We are fully accredited by the American Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). As an AAAHC-certified Office-Based Surgery Center, we are accredited to meet high patient-safety standards and achieve recognition for the services we provide.

We demonstrate a commitment to providing high-quality health care with intentional organizational design and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our operating rooms are designed similarly to an intensive care unit. A central nurse's station, surrounded by five operating rooms, allows privacy or open communication as needed. This unique setup embodies our dedication to patient safety, efficient communication, and ease of access for our medical staff. Our surgical team is another aspect that sets us apart. Unlike hospital settings, where new teams come together for each case, we operate with our trusted, well-versed team daily. This familiar setup offers consistency in our results, a more personal experience for the patient, and a depth of knowledge in cosmetic surgery techniques.

At Austin-Weston, we have the luxury of time, performing three or four times as many procedures as other plastic surgeons. This high volume reflects our experience and contributes to our ever-refining expertise and low complication rates. Another distinguishing aspect is our immediate access to a panel of four award-winning plastic surgeons. This team-based approach isn't feasible in a typical hospital setting. At Austin-Weston, it's the norm.

Having instant access to colleagues' expertise, even during surgeries, bolsters our confidence, improves our safety measures, and enriches our surgeons’ capabilities. Our center's design, combined with our certified surgical procedures, top-notch team, and commitment to patient safety and privacy, sets Austin-Weston apart. We offer a truly unique cosmetic surgery experience. Come and embark on your transformation journey with us in Reston, Virginia.


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Our four, board-certified plastic surgeons have over 100 years of combined experience & work together in our dedicated, luxurious center providing combined knowledge on all procedures. Schedule your consultation today to learn how our surgeons can guide you on your journey to aesthetic harmony.

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