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Reston Breast Reduction with Austin-Weston

For Comfort and Relief

Women considering a breast reduction surgery typically have physical concerns due to their large and heavy breasts. These can include back pain, neck strain, rashes beneath the breasts, difficulty fitting into clothing, and receiving unwanted attention. Some concerns can lead to weight gain and discomfort due to decreased physical activity as a result of large breasts being in the way. The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, perform countless breast reduction surgeries every year. To set up an appointment to discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals, call our Reston, VA office today.


What is Breast Reduction?

A More Balanced Look

Breast Reduction Reston

Experience the transformative power of breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty.

With a breast reduction Reston patients have a solution to reduce the size and weight of their breasts, providing not only a more balanced appearance but also addressing any sagging concerns for those seeking cosmetic enhancement. Through carefully crafted incisions, our surgeons sculpt your breasts, not only reducing their size but also lifting your nipples and breast to a higher position on your chest. The shape of your breasts is beautifully enhanced, leaving you with a newfound sense of confidence and satisfaction.


What are the benefits of Breast Reduction?

Stand Straighter

One of the significant advantages of undergoing a breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is that it provides similar results to a breast lift. In addition to reducing the weight of heavy breasts, this procedure addresses sagging and enhances firmness, effectively combining the benefits of a breast reduction and a breast lift.

Moreover, reduction mammoplasty offers numerous other advantages, including:

  • Lighter breasts that are more proportionate to your body frame
  • Reduction in rashes beneath the breasts
  • Reduction in back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Correction of posture issues
  • Elimination of painful bra-strap indentations
  • Increased ease in finding well-fitting clothing

Your Breast Reduction Consultation

Compassion and Understanding

Having big breasts isn’t always the blessing that society wants us to believe. Your first step to a more comfortable life begins with a consultation with one of our compassionate and understanding Austin-Weston plastic surgeons in Reston. Together, you will discuss your aesthetic goals and devise a plan to give you the relief and body you want. We are prepared to answer any and all questions to ensure you are confident with any procedure you decide on.


Your Breast Reduction Procedure

Bringing Harmony to Your Entire Body

During a breast reduction procedure, the patient will undergo general anesthesia.

This ensures that the patient remains pain-free and comfortable throughout the surgery. Your surgeon will begin the procedure by making incisions to access the underlying tissues. There are different options for incisions, including:

  • Anchor Incision: This option is suitable for removing a significant amount of tissue. It involves creating an incision around the areola, followed by a vertical line down to the breast fold and a curved horizontal line across the fold.
  • Lollipop Incision: This option is ideal for removing a moderate amount of tissue. It involves creating an incision around the areola, followed by a vertical line down to the breast fold.
  • Donut Incision: This option is suitable for removing a smaller amount of tissue. It involves making two concentric circles around the areola.

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Once the incisions are made, excess glandular breast tissue and drooping skin are removed using a scalpel. Additionally, liposuction may be used to remove excess fat. If necessary, the areola may be reduced and repositioned to better fit the new breast dimensions. After all excess tissue has been removed and the breasts have been tightened and reshaped, the incisions are closed using stitches.

Breast Reduction Reston

Breast Reduction Results

Results That Change Your Future

The long-term results of breast reduction surgery can greatly enhance comfort and confidence, provided that a healthy lifestyle and stable weight are maintained. However, certain factors such as pregnancy can alter the outcome, leading to sagging and less fullness in the breasts. In such cases, a breast lift or a Mommy Makeover that includes a tummy tuck may be recommended to restore contours and tone more like your pre-pregnancy appearance. Weight gain can also affect the results, potentially necessitating a secondary breast reduction. On the other hand, significant weight loss may result in sagging and volume loss, which can be improved through a breast lift or augmentation to enhance breast shape and volume.


Breast Reduction Recovery and Aftercare

Experience Greater Freedom

Breast Reduction Reston

At our practice in Reston breast reductions are performed on an outpatient basis, which means that patients can go home on the same day as the surgery. If you are traveling from out-of-town or need additional support after your surgery, consider a stay in our on-site recovery suite.

  • Rest & Recovery: After surgery, your main responsibility is to rest and allow your body to heal.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Patients will typically return for follow-up appointments one day, one week, one month, and three months after surgery to monitor the healing process. We provide drainless breast reductions so patients do not need to worry about caring for drains during recovery.
  • Pain Management: You may require pain medication for a period of time to manage any discomfort. It is necessary to take time off from work until you are cleared to return, and it is advisable to avoid physically strenuous activities, including heavy exercise, for several weeks.

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To help make the healing process as comfortable as possible, we also offer a pain pump. This is a small disposable pump filled with a local anesthetic medication to relieve your pain after surgery via a small catheter. Talk to your surgeon about pain management options during your consultation. During the recovery process, it is important to wear a supportive post-surgical bra that does not have an underwire. This type of bra helps to reduce swelling and bruising in the treated area. In most cases, patients are able to resume work approximately one week after the surgery.

Breast ReductionFrequently Asked Questions

Can Breast Reduction surgery affect breastfeeding?

Breast reduction surgery may have an impact on breastfeeding. The ability to breastfeed after the procedure can vary from person to person. While some women are still able to breastfeed successfully, others may experience a reduction in milk production or difficulty breastfeeding. It is important to discuss your plans for future breastfeeding with your surgeon during the consultation.

Will insurance cover the cost of Breast Reduction surgery?

In some cases, insurance companies may cover the cost of breast reduction surgery if it is deemed medically necessary. This typically requires documentation of physical symptoms and attempts at non-surgical remedies. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider to understand their specific criteria and coverage policies.

Are there any risks or complications associated with Breast Reduction surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, breast reduction surgery carries potential risks and complications. These can include infection, bleeding, changes in nipple or breast sensation, scarring, asymmetry, and complications related to anesthesia. It is essential to discuss these risks with your surgeon and follow all pre- and post-operative instructions to minimize potential complications.

Will I lose nipple sensation after Breast Reduction surgery?

It is possible to experience changes in nipple sensation after breast reduction surgery. While some individuals may temporarily experience increased or decreased sensation, sensation usually returns to normal or near-normal over time. Your surgeon can provide more information based on your specific circumstances.

Who qualifies for Breast Reduction?

Living with neck and back pain can significantly impact your quality of life. It restricts your movements, hampers your posture, and leaves you feeling unwell. For women with large breasts, this is a daily struggle. Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone may not be sufficient to alleviate these issues. If you're experiencing symptoms like skin irritation, unsuccessful attempts to reduce breast size through diet and exercise, disproportionate breasts in relation to your body frame, neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by the weight of your breasts, bra strap grooves on your shoulders, activity limitations due to breast size, or poor posture, you may be an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.


Recovery Time 2-5 Weeks
Starting Cost From: $11,550


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