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Reston MTF Body Contouring at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery

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The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, understand the importance that skill and artistry play in plastic surgery. This is especially the case for individuals who are transitioning to look physically different than the body they were born with. Women who were assigned male at birth have more surgical options than ever before for highlighting their femininity through their physique. Reston Male-to-Female (MTF) body contouring patients can trust in our expertise and experience to help them achieve more supple curves and greater confidence in their appearance with procedures uniquely tailored to their needs.


What is MTF Body Contouring?

Cultivate Your Curves

MTF Body Contouring Reston

For patients desiring to look more feminine, MTF body contouring surgery aims to add fullness and volume to the breasts, hips, and buttocks. In the initial consultation, we will ask the right questions to get a thorough understanding of the type of body shape you desire as well as your overall goals. A unique body contouring surgery plan for a more feminine appearance will be created.

To create a female chest, we recommend patients be on hormones for at least 12 months prior to surgery. Just the addition of hormones (prescribed by your endocrinologist) can create a pleasing breast mound, and some patients elect to not have surgery at all after hormones. If, however, you desire more fullness and volume in the bust, your surgeon will discuss either fat transfer or breast implants as possible options. At the time of breast implants, liposuction or other body contouring procedures can be performed to help shape the body and give a more feminine appearance.


What are the benefits of MTF Body Contouring?

Feminine is Powerful

MTF body contouring surgery is an important component of gender-affirming care that can provide several psychological and physical benefits. The main reason most people seek MTF procedures is to have a body shape that aligns more closely with their gender identity.

The results can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem and help individuals feel more comfortable in social situations. Body contouring patients may also enjoy a wider range of clothing options, providing richer opportunities for self-expression. Increased sexual confidence and satisfaction can also contribute to a better quality of life. Many Reston MTF body contouring patients enjoy improved mental health as a result of attaining a physique that aligns better with their identity.


Your MTF Body Contouring Consultation

Positive transformation is our passion.

We encourage you to interview multiple surgeons and find a provider you trust to help you safely and effectively achieve your goals. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, the consultation is a crucial step for both you and your surgeon.

You will have the opportunity to talk about your specific goals, have all of your questions answered, and engage in a collaborative discussion about the best surgical approaches for your needs. Our entire team is here to help Reston MTF body contouring candidates make informed decisions about their care and achieve results that lead to increased confidence and quality of life.


Your MTF Body Contouring Procedure

Bespoke Approaches

The surgical techniques used will depend on your specific goals. Your surgeon will educate you about your procedure, including anesthesia options, the length of the surgery, requirements for recovery, and expected results. We are a comprehensive AAAHC-accredited surgical facility equipped to perform your entire treatment safely and comfortably onsite.

MTF Body Contouring Reston

Liposuction and fat grafting are two common body contouring techniques that can be tailored to sculpt more beautiful and feminine body proportions based on your individual objectives.

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure that can contribute significantly to a more feminine physique. It may be performed using autologous fat transfer to the breasts or breast implants.

Breast surgery using fat transfer is a procedure in which the surgeon will first use liposuction to remove fat from one area, and it is then grafted to the breast region. If there is enough volume, this fat can also be used to add to the hips and buttocks to feminize the body shape. For breast surgery using breast implants, please refer to our section under

Breast Procedures . The operation is similar to any breast augmentation, with the caveat that sometimes more than one procedure may be required to get enough stretch of the chest skin to accept a large implant.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or the Non-Surgical Sculptra Butt Lift are also frequently sought after by MTF body contouring patients. 

Tummy tuck surgery offers yet another way to sculpt and contour your figure by smoothing and slimming down the waistline and reducing loose skin and tissue. 

Additionally, we perform many facial procedures, including Adam’s Apple Reduction and MTF Facial Feminization .


MTF Body Contouring Recovery and Aftercare

Support Every Step of the Way

Following a breast augmentation with implants, most patients take a week or two off from work. Post-procedure swelling will last longer, however.

Patients can return to most regular activities after one week but will need to avoid any exercises that use the chest muscles for about six weeks. A surgical bra may need to be worn for support during early healing. Recovery from breast augmentation with fat transfer may be slightly faster, but you will still need to take time off from work and take precautions like avoiding strenuous activities. The donor area where fat was taken from another part of your body will also need to heal.

Combining other procedures with breast augmentation may require additional aftercare. Make sure to attend any post-operative appointments, and never hesitate to contact us with any questions that come up during the recovery process. We are dedicated to supporting you in every way we can to help you recover smoothly and heal optimally.


MTF Body Contouring Results

You, Fully Activated

MTF Body Contouring Reston

Your MTF Body Contouring results will be long-lasting, letting you achieve the contours and volume you want for years to come. Breast implants can take up to six months to settle into their most natural position. Most women enjoy their implants for a decade or longer—in some cases, as long as two decades—before replacements are needed.

The results of breast augmentation with fat grafting are considered permanent. If the fat augmentation technique is used, your surgeon will likely overfill the treatment area slightly to compensate for the percentage of fat that is naturally metabolized by the body following transfer. With MTF body contouring Reston patients tend to be very happy with their results, finding that their enhanced physique better reflects their gender and supports a more positive self-image. For those interested in complementary procedures like facial feminization, we can help you plan a combination or staged approach to give you the beautiful and transformative results you are seeking.

MTF Body ContouringFrequently Asked Questions

What is the recovery time for MTF Body Contouring?

Recovery times can vary depending on the individual and the specific procedures performed. Generally, full recovery might take several weeks to a few months.

Are there risks associated with MTF Body Contouring?

All surgical procedures carry risks, including infection, bleeding, poor wound healing, unfavorable scarring, anesthesia risks, and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic result. Specific risks related to the procedures involved in MTF body contouring will be discussed by your surgeon.

How much does MTF body contouring cost?

Costs can vary depending on the specific procedures involved. At your consultation, we can provide you with an estimate for the procedures you are interested in. Visit our pricing and financing pages for more details.


Recovery Time 4-6 Weeks
Starting Cost From: $6,700

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