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DAXXIFY is a brand-new injectable wrinkle relaxer treatment that is also a thrilling development for aesthetics and anti-aging. This FDA-approved botulinum toxin type A formula produced by the experts at Revance towers above the competition thanks to its long-lasting results. While current neuromodulator injections typically offer results lasting about three months, most DAXXIFY patients can say sayonara to frown lines and wrinkles for six months or more. DAXXIFY achieves these captivating, lengthy results by using peptides in its solution. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we are elated to start offering to individuals in Reston DAXXIFY injections. To get more information about longer-lasting, peptide-powered DAXXIFY, contact our team to set up a consultation today.



During your initial visit to our facility in Reston Daxxify will be confirmed by a doctor, or member of our aesthetic team to be the proper injectable treatment for your aesthetic desires. We perform DAXXIFY as an in-office treatment typically done on the same day as your consultation.

You may be instructed to make facial expressions using the upper face, which helps us administer the injections at optimal locations. Then, we cleanse the skin, mark the treatment sites, and insert a fine needle with the DAXXIFY wrinkle relaxer. A usual DAXXIFY dose comprises five injections with eight units each, but your treatment outline could vary a bit. We use a cold compress right after the injections to reduce discomfort and sensitivity. If desired, we may also be able to use a local anesthetic before administering the injections. Your DAXXIFY injections will likely take about 10 – 15 minutes, after which time you can pick back up with your normal activities.


DAXXIFY has brought injectable wrinkle relaxers, the top cosmetic treatment in America, into a new era. This FDA-approved botulinum toxin type A formula can keep frown lines away for longer, thanks to the power of peptides. If you want to learn more about DAXXIFY Reston patients are encouraged to contact Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, to schedule a consultation.


Starting cost: $14 per unit

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