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Liposuction Options and Non Invasive Alternatives

Liposuction has been around for a while and remains the gold standard in fat-reduction and body countering. What many people don't know is the different options patients have when it comes to lipo such as, where they can get liposuction done and how much you can take out. In this video Dr. Chrisopher Knotts of the Austin-Weston Center breaks down the different options patients have when it comes to Liposuction and some of the alternatives they should consider? ?? Questions addressed during this video: •  Are there non invasive alternatives to Liposuction? •  Will liposuction get rid of my beer gut? •  Can we put the fat taken taken from liposuction and put it somewhere else? •  What happens if I have loose skin after Liposuction? ?? Learn More | http://bit.ly/AWliposuction ?? Blog | http://bit.ly/AWLearn CONTACT US: ?? 703.893.6168 ?? austin-weston.com ?? [email protected]  ?? Schedule a consultation: http://bit.ly/AustinWeston-Consultation ?? Subscribe to our blog: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonBlogSubscribe FOLLOW US: ?? Facebook: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonFacebook ?? Instagram: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonInstagram ?? Snapchat: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonSnapchat ?? Twitter: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonTwitter