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What is a corner mouth lift?

The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery are leaders in refining and restoring the area around the mouth, also known as the 'perioral' region. Our surgeons lecture nationally on the topic of facial and perioral rejuvenation. 

While there are many nuances, the most common procedures for around-the-mouth surgery include lip lift, corner mouth lift, lip advancement and direct excisions. It is certainly no secret that as we age, we begin to see our lips thin and lose the voluptuous volume they once had. Lines and creases begin to appear around the mouth, especially at the corners from years of smiling, laughing, and an occasional frown.

For patients with descent of the corners of the mouth, they often complain of looking frustrated or sad when they in face feel fine. This facial symbolism can be erased with a corner mouth lift. Often this operation is performed in conjunction with a facelift or other around-the-mouth procedure. Call our Reston, VA, practice to learn more. 

How does a corner mouth lift work?

The typical incision for a corner mouth lift rests at the junction of the red pigmented lip tissue and the normal upper lip skin. The incision is confined to the corner of the mouth and allows a down-turned corner mouth to be lifted to its normal anatomic location. Combined with other facial rejuvenation and refinement options such as eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, or cosmetic injectables, your face and the area around your mouth can be restored to a more youthful appearance.

Around-the-mouth surgery can be a combination of several procedures that are often done together to achieve maximum results. The most common combination is a lip lift to raise the central component of the upper lip and a corner mouth lift to elevate the corners. These two procedures are often done together to remove the negative facial symbolism created by a long upper lip with down-turned corners.

Other procedures may include adding fullness to your lips and filling in the lines around the mouth. This is done with either fat transfer or fillers such as Juvéderm®.

For finer lines and wrinkles, skin resurfacing using lasers, dermabrasion, chemical peels, or a combination of these procedures may also be recommended. 

Preparing for Corner Mouth Lift

Recovery Time

1-2 Weeks

Starting Cost

From: $5,150

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What can I expect During/After a corner mouth lift?

As with most facial rejuvenation procedures, recovery for corner mouth lift and around-the-mouth surgery includes swelling and possible bruising. A corner mouth lift can be performed under local anesthesia alone, though if there are multiple other procedures being performed, many patients choose to have a general anesthetic. Sutures are removed from the corner mouth lift by one week and the patient can begin wearing makeup. The scars fade with time and can become nearly invisible with appropriate after care. 

Restore your look

Unfortunately, a facelift does not address the region around the mouth, and procedures like a corner mouth lift, lip lift or direct excision may be recommended to restore facial balance. If down-turned lip corners are one of your concerns, then a corner mouth lift surgery can restore your youthful look. Call our cosmetic practice in Reston, VA today to schedule a private consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to learn more. 

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