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Mommy Makeover Timeline: Consultation, Operation, & Recovery

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After pregnancy, women’s bodies change inside and out. Loose skin, sagging breasts, stretch marks, or extra fat deposits on the hips or belly are normal and can be impossible to address through working out and nutrition. You love your kids but miss your pre-baby body.

Don’t despair; there is a solution!

Dubbed the “mommy makeover,” this cosmetic option combines several procedures during one operation—saving time, money, and multiple rounds of general anesthesia. The general term mommy makeover refers to some type of breast surgery combined with an abdominal surgery to restore that pre-children look.

Mommy makeovers are customized to your goals. This is about you—about boosting your confidence and making yourself a priority. With all the changes of motherhood—like focusing your energy and attention on raising exceptional human beings—it’s okay to give yourself permission to do something just for you.

At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we perform all procedures in our comfortable, fully accredited surgical facility. From your initial consultation to the final result, our expert staff and  plastic surgeons take care of you every step of the way.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect during each phase of the process:


Our pressure-free consultation is the time to tell our team what you want your body to look like, what areas bother you, and what you miss about your pre-baby figure. Our job is to listen. At the consultation, your doctor will explain the process for each procedure, what to expect after surgery, and answer all your questions.

After a thorough examination, your surgeon will make recommendations as to which combination of procedures he recommends to achieve your goals. For example, perhaps you don’t have enough loose skin to justify a full tummy tuck—or even a mini (see below)—and a little contouring with liposuction will give you a look you want. Our doctors will customize your surgical plan to fit your goals and recovery time.

You will also decide on the type of breast surgery you want—implants, lift, both or reduction. You’ll have the chance to experiment with a bra that allows you to “try on” different sized implants if you choose that option.

Finally, Austin-Weston uses exciting new Vectra 3D technology to scan your chest anatomy. The machine creates a 3D rendering of your body so you get an idea of what different sizes of implants would look like on your frame. This can help you leave your consultation knowing for sure you have chosen an implant size that is perfect for you.

Pre-Op Appointment

Once you have committed to a surgical date, a pre-op appointment will be arranged with one of our staff. This is typically two weeks before your operation.

The purpose of this appointment is to go over the logistics of what will happen on the day of surgery, receive your prescriptions so you can get them filled before the big day, and have your pre-op photos taken in our professional photography suite. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you have about the surgery process and give you helpful suggestions that past patients have found useful. You can also bring your support person to this appointment so they can also have an opportunity to ask questions since they will be taking care of you at home after the procedure.

Day of Surgery

Once you’ve made the decision to get a mommy makeover and are cleared for surgery, it’s time for the big day! Arrive one hour before your surgery with your support person. He or she will be given full instructions regarding your post-operative care and a number to call any time of day or night if questions arise.

You will meet the certified anesthesia provider who will talk with you about your general health and previous experiences with anesthesia, and they will let you know what to expect when you walk into the operating room. Your surgeon will perform the markings and answer any last minute questions before surgery.

When you go back to the operating room, you’ll be given an IV and then gently drift off to sleep for the surgery.

Post-Op Appointment

The day after your surgery, you’ll meet with your doctor again, who will assess how you are feeling, change the bandages and make sure everything is healing well. You will be fitted into garments and given extras for home so you can change into clean ones after a shower.

You need a support person to drive you to and from this first-day appointment.

One Week After Surgery

Healthy bodies heal amazingly fast. After just one week, you’ll see your doctor again and have your incisions checked. During this visit, any external stitches will be removed.

You will also be started on our typical scar care protocol to maximize your healing. Prescriptions can be refilled at this appointment, and any garment adjustments will be made.

Two Weeks After Surgery

By week two, most patients drive themselves to their appointment. This is another checkup to make sure you are feeling well and are comfortable. Your surgeon will check incisions and make sure there are no fluid collections.

Most patients go back to work by week two, depending on how strenuous their job is.

Additional Visits

The recovery process is different for everybody and much depends on the extent of the procedures you chose for your mommy makeover. If you would feel more comfortable meeting with your doctor after the stitches are removed, it’s just a matter of making the appointment.

Your doctor will be there to support you throughout the journey and answer questions along the way.

Three Months After Surgery

After three months, most swelling is resolved, and you get to have a look at your results! This is also the appointment where we take your ‘after’ photos to compare to your ‘before’ ones. The scars are also assessed and will typically continue fading for the next couple of years.

Self-confidence is essential for a healthy, happy life. Deciding to take time for yourself and address changes you may have experienced after pregnancy is a positive step toward that goal. You can then focus on living your life, not worrying about how you look different after childbirth. Knowing what to expect will help make your journey less stressful, and our team is here for you every step of the way.

Learn more details about the process, as well as breast and tummy tuck options, or watch videos of our surgeons as they answer frequently asked questions.

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