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what is a Fat Transfer?

When a person has weight fluctuations or moves through the normal aging process, they lose fullness in specific body areas where volume once resided. A terrific way to restore volume that has been lost is through an advanced cosmetic technique known as a fat transfer. A fat transfer extracts fat from a place on the body using liposuction and injects it into a specific place that could benefit from additional volume. Fat transfer procedures can be performed on widespread areas, such as the breasts or buttocks or on delicate and smaller areas, such as the laugh lines, lips, cheeks, or under the eyelid. Fat transfers are often chosen when an individual hopes to have a natural enhancement rather than using a device, such as a breast implant or a substance, such as a filler. Reston, VA plastic surgeon Dr. George Weston is skilled at using the most advanced liposuction and fat grafting methods for performing fat transfers. This cosmetic enhancement at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery creates appealing, natural-looking outcomes.

Fat transfers provide many fantastic advantages to improve and rejuvenate your appearance as an alternative to breast augmentation or injectable fillers. The benefits of a fat transfer in Reston, VA at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery involve:

  • Offers a more natural solution
  • Replaces lost volume for a more vibrant appearance (face, hands)
  • Enhances targeted body areas (lips, cheeks, breasts, buttocks)
  • Reduces excess fat in bothersome body parts (abdomen, back, thighs, and more)
  • Redefines and sculpts the body
  • Accentuates natural curves
  • Safer than implants since it incorporates the body’s fat
  • Outcomes have a natural look and feel
  • Not as invasive compared to other plastic surgery procedures
  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery time

should i get a fat transfer?

Fat transfer procedures are widely popular among both men and women. They are especially beneficial for women who desire breast fullness but do not want to have breast implants. This fat transfer to the breast is chosen by patients who prefer an autologous approach because it uses the patient's own fat tissue. By doing this, there is less risk or concern for rejection. Both women and men considering this procedure need to be at a healthy weight and have enough fat to extract for the transfer.

how does a fat transfer work?

When undergoing a fat transfer, you will be put under the appropriate kind of anesthesia. The type of anesthesia or numbing method used will depend on how much fat tissue is being taken out, as well as the area where it will be placed. A form of liposuction is completed using a special cannula to precisely extract the fat so it can be harvested and separated inside a centrifuge (which preps the highest quality fat for syringes). After prepping the injection site, the extracted fat will be transferred into the area chosen for the transfer. The process of injecting the fat is completed in layers until the desired outcome has been attained. For some areas, numerous injections will be necessary.

how long is recovery after a fat transfer?

After the transfer process has been completed, you will begin a healing phase. Remember, there are two different areas on the body that need to be carefully treated: the area involving liposuction and the injection sites. The recovery process may be longer if a larger place on the body was addressed. As an example, a fat transfer for the lips will typically only warrant a 1 – 2-day healing period whereas a transfer to a more vast body part, such as the butt or breasts, can take many more days. Each area will appear swollen with some possible bruising, but the outcomes can be noticed almost immediately. Another perk is the area where liposuction was used will look slimmer. Fat grafting yields beautiful and lasting outcomes, but there will be some fat that reabsorbs back to the body. In some patients, another transfer may be necessary later on. There is almost no scarring that is noticeable with this treatment.

Preparing for Fat Transfer

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Is a fat transfer procedure safe?
Yes, a fat transfer is considered a safe cosmetic procedure when performed by a professional like Dr. Weston. In fact, medical professionals often recommend this technique when silicone-based implants are not likely to yield desirable results. Rest assured that your safety is our top priority and we will do everything in our power to ensure a positive experience.
Do results from a fat transfer look natural?
Our patients find that whether they want subtle or more dramatic results, liposuction and fat grafting can yield incredibly natural-looking outcomes. Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is proud to have helped countless men and women achieve their aesthetic goals with this advanced technique. Be sure to inform us about your goals so we can do our best to meet them.
What if I lose weight after a fat transfer?
It's best to be at or near your goal weight before a fat transfer procedure in Reston, VA. Though patients can lose a moderate amount of weight after treatment, significant changes can cause changes in your results. We recommend maintaining your outcomes through consistent lifestyle habits like diet and exercise.
*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.