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What is a Bra Line Back Lift?

Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight are often left with problem areas around their mid or upper back. These problem areas may be stubborn fat deposits, loose skin, or both. Excess fat is treated with liposuction, and extra skin is treated with a procedure known as the bra line back lift. Although diet and exercise can do wonders for the body, they cannot tighten loose, hanging, stretched-out skin on the back. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our plastic surgeons offer the bra line back lift, or upper back lift, to improve the contour around the bra line. This procedure removes excess skin on the upper back for a more attractive silhouette in both men and women. Call our state-of-the-art cosmetic practice in Reston, VA to set up a private consultation and find out if you are a candidate for upper back lift surgery.  

Am I A Candidate For A Bra Line Back Lift?

The best candidates for a bra line back lift are women and men who:

  • Have loose, sagging skin in the mid to upper back area

  • Have excess fat that hasn’t responded to diet and exercise

  • Want a tighter, smoother, and more toned back profile

  • Are at or near their ideal weight

  • Are in good overall health

How Are Bra Line Back Lifts Performed?

During a bra line back lift procedure, an incision is typically made across the back from one side to the other, usually where the bra line resides. Excess folds or bulges of skin will be trimmed away, and the remaining skin just above and below the bra line will be pulled tight and then sutured together. The amount of skin that will be removed will be discussed during the initial consultation. For extreme weight loss patients, as much as 8 – 10 inches of skin can be removed during upper back lift surgery for a tighter appearance. In patients who also have drooping breasts, the procedure can be combined with a breast lift or breast reduction for a single incision that goes all the way around the mid chest and tightens both the front and back of the body. 

What Can I Expect After a Bra Line Back Lift?

A bra line back lift is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes about 1 – 2 hours to complete. After the procedure, you will wear compression garments to reduce swelling, promote proper healing, and protect the incision. Some discomfort and tightness will be present initially, but this often dissipates after a couple of weeks. Although optimal results will take some time, you will see a more toned, tighter, flatter back and fitted clothing can be worn with a newfound confidence. Since an upper back incision is made across the back, some amount of visible scarring is unavoidable. However, most upper back lift scars can be easily concealed underneath clothing and, in some cases, beneath swimsuits. The majority of bra line back lift scars fade significantly over months to years. 

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Bra Line Back Lift FAQ

Does a bra line back lift surgery hurt?

No, you will be asleep during the surgery. A bra line back lift is performed under general anesthesia, meaning you are unconscious.

How long does a bra line back lift surgery take?

A bra line back lift surgery is relatively quick, with our surgeons able to complete it in about 1 — 2 hours.

Will I have scars after a bra line back lift?

As with any surgery of this type, there is some level of scarring due to the incision. However, our skilled surgeons plan their incisions to minimize the appearance of the scar, placing it in a position where it can be covered with clothing, often along the bra strap or bathing suit strapline.

How should you sleep after a bra line back lift?

While your back is healing, for the first few days, you should avoid sleeping on your back. This places pressure on the incision and may cause pain and affect healing. You should continue to wear your compression garment to provide extra protection while you’re sleeping, at least initially, and should try to sleep in a different position.

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If you have excess skin or unsightly back folds after weight loss that are preventing you from confidently showing off your new body, call our expert team today. Our award-winning  plastic surgeons can work with you on how to best achieve the shape you desire. Schedule a private consultation with us to learn more about how a bra line back lift can improve your appearance. 

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