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Why is Post-Surgery Care So Critical in Cosmetic Surgery?

By: Byron Poindexter, MD


You found the right surgeon, had the right surgery, and now what?  The last part of the journey, post-operative care, can be just as important as the first two.  Our nursing and support staff get multiple compliments everyday about how great their care has been and how well taken care of they feel, and that takes a lot of work and it’s really important.

It is important not only for how the patient feels, but for how they heal.

Attention to detail is of paramount importance. Making sure garments fit properly, that the bruising and swelling present is the normal amount and then properly dealing with anything that is just not quite right all effect the physical outcome.  Making sure patients are well educated about what they should and should not be doing and getting their questions answered quickly all improve outcomes as well.  Unfortunately we occasionally see patients from outside practices that did not get quite the same experience and it has impacted both the physical and emotional result.

Having all of our doctors, nurses, operating suites and staff in one location definitely has helped us have the post-operative impact we desire. 

If you can’t find a practice set up like ours, make sure that at a minimum you will always have access to someone to answer your questions and see you if there is a concern.  That’s becoming a big issue for patients who travel somewhere else for surgery and then return home and can’t get the care they need, but that’s a topic for whole other blog…

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