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This past month, I had the pleasure of volunteering at Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Reston, VA. I’m a premed, undergraduate student at George Washington University and wanted to learn more about the plastic surgery field.

My initial thought about plastic surgery was that it would be ordinary surgeries and I would eventually get bored but to my surprise, it was far from that. Everyday was unique and full of unforgettable experiences. I got an opportunity to follow around all the doctors at Austin-Weston and was able to go into consults, pre-ops, post-ops and surgeries.

The first step in the process of cosmetic surgery would be the consultations in order to understand the patient’s goal and it was interesting to learn about the different procedures done to help the patients achieve their desired look.

Next, I would follow the doctors to the pre-ops to see the doctors meticulously mark the patients before their surgeries. During surgeries, the doctors and nurses would explain and show what they were doing during the procedure. This was of a particular interest to me because I learned more about human anatomy and learned how knowledge of human anatomy is critical during surgeries. Lastly, I got to see the patients in post-ops and I could compare how patients looked before and after surgery. I also noticed how happy the patients were with their results at Austin-Weston. Since I got to spend so much time with each individual doctor, I saw how much each doctor cared for their patients.

What makes Austin-Weston different from most cosmetic surgery centers is that the entire staff truly cares about their patients.

From the wonderful receptionists to the nurses, each and every individual at Austin-Weston cares. I truly have enjoyed my time at Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery so much that I would jump out off bed in the mornings out of excitement because of what everyday held in store for me. I also noticed how happy the patients were with their results.

- Kamola Ishmukhamedova


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