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The Surprising Side Effect of Cosmetic Surgery

By: Austin-Weston


“As plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery and who operate every day, we are extremely experienced in the techniques and methods of superlative cosmetic surgery. We see the profound changes in our patients’ physical appearances daily. And often, we see something else after surgery, something undefinable yet very real: a spiritual transformation,” says Dr. Weston.

“I recently performed a full facial rejuvenation surgery on another plastic surgeon, and her results were astonishing,” says Dr. Weston. “When she came to me, her downturned mouth corners and heavy brow made her look angry and unapproachable – when in fact, she was absolutely delightful. After her surgery, I was astonished—she was radiant in a way that goes beyond the physical. Her outward appearance no longer masks her inner beauty. I’m extraordinarily grateful to have the opportunity to help my patients live happier lives.”

Dr. Sigal speaks of cosmetic surgery as a major life event.

“Having cosmetic surgery is a big deal. Like getting married, or having a baby, it’s one of those experiences with a defined before and after. Done well, cosmetic surgery can give people the strength to make major changes in their lives. People do suffer with their physical appearance, and when that suffering is alleviated with cosmetic surgery, life opens up."

“One of my patients told me that what I do is ‘recreating the Divine.’ That is, that transforming physical appearance restores not just our bodies, but our souls. That’s heavy stuff, and ultimately, it’s not even about surgery. Surgery is sometimes just what turns the light back on in our lives,” says Dr. Sigal. “I’m deeply thankful to be able to help patients see themselves—their true inner selves—clearly again.”

Dr. Poindexter says that some patients want surgery, but are reluctant because they’ve seen celebrity cosmetic surgery “don’ts” in the media and on the internet.

“In these cases, I tell patients that my philosophy as a plastic surgeon is simple: good cosmetic surgery shouldn’t look like any surgery was performed. The result should just be beautiful, timeless, and in balance or harmony, not ‘done.’

“Ultimately, though, it’s about the patient’s desires. If a patient wants something that is perhaps on the extreme edge, and they fully understand the aesthetics of the outcome, then I have the ability to do that. No matter what, I will always do my best and use my artistic and aesthetic sense and my abilities to make the patient happy with their result,” affirms Dr. Poindexter. “Seeing the changes my patients give themselves permission to make in their lives after cosmetic surgery is always rewarding and sometimes astounding. It’s fantastic to be a part of that kind of transformation—it makes me happy.”

Dr. Knotts says that cosmetic surgery can be a second chance to fully experience important parts of life again. “Grappling with facets of physical appearance can be emotionally debilitating. A patient who came to see me for a tummy tuck consultation told me her overhanging stomach and extra abdominal skin makes her reluctant to be physically intimate. For her, it’s not about wanting to wear a bikini; it’s about feeling good when she’s with her partner, happy when she looks in the mirror, and about feeling sexy again. These are very significant reasons to her, and a great example of how cosmetic surgery can lead to what is, essentially, a rebirth.

“Having the opportunity to help patients regain their confidence and personal power is something I’m very grateful for,” says Dr. Knotts. “Helping patients and seeing their lives change for the better as a result of the surgery is truly amazing.”

“85% of our staff—including some of our doctors—have had cosmetic surgery,” says Dr. Weston. “We have personally experienced every aspect of cosmetic surgery, and we have had transformations in our physical appearances and in our lives. We know the fear, the excitement, the need for support and understanding, the happiness–the whole range of emotions and feelings involved with having surgery. In other words, we’ve changed our lives through cosmetic surgery, and we can help you change your life too.”

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