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Mommy Makeover Guide: Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body

By: Austin-Weston


For women who are finished having children, a mommy makeover can help them reclaim and restore their pre-pregnancy bodies. While having a child is one of the most rewarding life experiences, there is no denying that pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body. Pregnancy can damage both the breasts and the abdomen.

A ‘mommy makeover’ is the popular term given to the surgical plan necessary to restore or improve the abdomen and breasts to a pre-pregnancy state. The classic ‘mommy makeover’ operation is some form of a tummy tuck at the same time as a lifting or enlarging breast surgery. Your surgeon will help you decide which mommy makeover operation makes sense to accomplish your goals.

The mommy makeover could be right for you if you have noticed changes to your body post-pregnancy and want to address those concerns. Our plastic surgeons located in the DC Metro area uncover the answers to the most common questions about this restorative full-body surgical procedure.

What You Need to Know

The goal of a mommy makeover is fairly simple: we want to give you your body back. Because many women are concerned with more than one area of their bodies post-pregnancy, we offer to combine surgeries to save patients the pain of going through more than one procedure and recovery period. One surgery session means one anesthetic and one recovery period. As a general rule, we try to keep operations under 6 hours at Austin-Weston to minimize the risk of protracted post-op nausea. The most common mommy makeover procedure, a tummy tuck and breast augmentation with lift, fall well under that timeline, so these are procedures we are performing on a daily basis.

This has the added advantage of saving the patient money. At Austin-Weston, when you get two procedures done at once, the second one is discounted 50% on average.

Mommy Makeover Candidates

Many women struggle after pregnancy to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. During pregnancy, a woman’s abdomen goes through serious changes. The skin is stretched and expanded to fit the growing baby, and skin doesn’t always snap back after childbirth. The core muscles are similarly stretched during pregnancy, and the ‘six-pack,’ or rectus muscles, often separated in the midline and remain gapped apart after childbirth.

Additionally, with all the demands placed on new mothers, it’s easy to push diet, exercise, and self-care to the bottom of our to-do lists, leading to weight gain. Many women choose to address excess fat, stretched muscles, and excess skin by having a tummy tuck surgery with liposuction to restore the pre-pregnancy figure.

While the abdominal area is perhaps of most concern for mothers, pregnancy and breastfeeding can also damage the breasts. Nursing mothers sometimes experience sagging as their breasts lose volume after they have stopped nursing. Many women choose to have a breast lift to get rid of sagging skin, sometimes combined with a breast implant to restore lost breast volume.

Other breast surgery options as part of a mommy makeover include breast augmentation alone or a breast reduction. The combination of breast and body surgery to get back to your pre-mommy body can make women feel more confident and sexier than ever. Patients choose from a variety of options based on their body shapes and concerns. 

Common procedures involved in a mommy makeover:

  1. Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift
  2. Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation
  3. Tummy Tuck + Breast Augmentation + Breast Lift
  4. Tummy Tuck + Breast Reduction

The most common mommy makeover procedure performed by our , Washington, DC surgeons is a tummy tuck, plus a breast lift and augmentation with implants. But just because this is the most popular choice for Austin-Weston patients doesn’t mean it is the right procedure for you and your body. Keep in mind that every patient is different, and the purpose of the consultation is to figure out your goals as a patient and what is required to surgically achieve them.

Selecting the Right Surgery For You

This question can’t be answered sufficiently in a blog article alone. During your consultation with one of our award-winning, surgeons, you will be given the opportunity to consider your options along with an expert. Working with your preferences, your surgeon will design the mommy makeover plan that is perfect for your body and your goals.

In addition, the before and after photos of real moms who have undergone surgery at Austin-Weston can give many patients an idea of what could be possible for their bodies. While it’s important to remember that everybody gets a different result, you can go to the website and look for patients with similar anatomy to get some idea of what is possible.

Surgery Timeline: Post-Pregnancy

We advise mothers to wait at least 3 months after they are done breastfeeding their last child before undergoing their mommy makeover. This is partially so you are fully recovered from the birth, and also partially because the breasts and body can continue changing for several months after childbirth.

While we have had patients get pregnant after a mommy makeover, please realize this can ruin the result and sometimes another mommy makeover operation can be required to restore your body. For this reason, the ideal mommy makeover patient is done with family planning before undergoing surgery.

We often hear from mothers who are so grateful for their children and who say they wouldn’t trade the experience of having children for anything. Still, they have the simple wish that they could also look and feel like themselves again.

At Austin-Weston, we want to show mothers that it really is possible to have it all. With our mommy makeover procedure, Washington DC women are getting their bodies back. If you live in the Northern Virginia or Washington DC area and are ready to reclaim your confidence, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation at (703) 893-6168 or  submit a form online to request an appointment.

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