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Male Plastic Surgery: Why Is the Face So Tricky?

By: Austin-Weston


In general, more men and women are having cosmetic procedures because overall the stigma has been removed about getting a little something done. About 10-15% of Austin-Weston’s patients are male and frequently spouses of female patients. More and more men are considering and having cosmetic procedures on both the face and body with surgical and non-surgical techniques.

If you look at a handful of famous men that were having facial procedures done a few decades ago, you will see that they have very obviously had something done to alter their appearance. This is mainly because the same surgical techniques used for women were used on men. Thankfully, surgeons have since realized you don’t do the same operations on the male face that you do on a female face or if you do, they are done to a much lesser extent.

There is a difference between what’s considered attractive on male vs. female faces. The goal of cosmetic surgery on both men and women is to achieve the results the patient is looking for without anyone being able to tell a procedure has been done.

Men most commonly request neck or eye area procedures such as neck lifts, neck sculpting or liposuction in the neck. Liposuction for love handles or the chest are also popular for male patients. As with women, males tend to opt for tummy tucks to remove extra skin after significant weight loss.

While men are requesting Botox or fillers more frequently, it is not as common for men to use filler in their lips, but may want them want more definition in jawline or chin.

A consideration unique to men getting a neck or face lift is facial hair. Neck skin may be moved behind the ear and shaving may be needed in that area after the procedure.

Our talented surgeons are skilled at communicating well with the male patient to determine how to best make a natural result and then ensure the design and execution of the procedure follows.

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