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Is the Ideal Implant Really Ideal For You?

By: Christopher Knotts, MD


Ideal® is the brand name of a relatively new implant to hit the market that holds a special niche in breast augmentation. This implant is saline, but it’s a more natural-feeling implant than traditional saline implants, which tend to have more rippling and be more firm.

This is achieved by having an internal baffle system that lets the saline move in a more restrictive fashion, eliminating the sloshing factor that some patients felt with traditional saline implants.

The Ideal implant was invented by a plastic surgeon, who made it for women wanting a softer saline option.

In my opinion, Ideal implants are great for a small subset of patients. These are patients who just do not want silicone for whatever reason, but are looking for a more natural feel.

This is a small group of patients as most women end up selecting silicone implants because of their natural feel.

But in the woman who just doesn’t like silicone, the Ideal implant is…..well, ideal.

— Christopher D. Knotts, MD, FACS


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