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How Long After Rhinoplasty Surgery Can I Wear Makeup?

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How Long After Rhinoplasty Surgery Can I Wear Makeup?  Reston

If you’re like most people, you’ll be anxious to get back to your normal routines as soon as possible after cosmetic surgery. However, there are certain things that should be avoided after surgery in order to prevent complications and ensure a successful recovery period. When it comes to rhinoplasty surgery specifically, patients should understand what to do – and what not to do – while their nose is healing. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Reston, VA, our expert team of board-certified plastic surgeons is committed to helping patients get back to their lives as quickly and safely as possible after rhinoplasty surgery. Keep reading to learn more about rhinoplasty aftercare, including how long you may need to wait before resuming certain activities – like wearing makeup.

How long is rhinoplasty recovery?

The length of rhinoplasty recovery will depend on the type of procedure performed, how closely the patient follows their aftercare instructions, and other individual factors. For the first week, most patients can expect to have some level of discomfort, along with bruising, swelling, congestion, and possibly discharge. Many patients feel comfortable returning to work about 1 – 2 weeks after rhinoplasty, though strenuous physical exercise will be off limits for up to 4 – 6 weeks. At this time, the majority of rhinoplasty swelling will have resolved, but patients should keep in mind that it can take up to six months or longer for the final results of rhinoplasty surgery to become apparent.

What should I avoid after rhinoplasty surgery?

In order to ensure the speediest, most comfortable, and most successful rhinoplasty healing process possible, it is essential that patients follow their surgeon’s aftercare instructions closely. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for rhinoplasty recovery:

  • DO sleep with your head slightly elevated
  • DO use a gentle saline rinse to alleviate congestion-like symptoms
  • DO get plenty of rest
  • DON’T touch your nose or apply pressure to your nose
  • DON’T blow your nose
  • DON’T engage in strenuous physical activity
  • DON’T wear glasses or sunglasses on the bridge of your nose

Can I wear makeup after rhinoplasty surgery?

For the first several days after rhinoplasty surgery, it is best to avoid applying makeup to the nose and the area around the nose. For patients who undergo an open rhinoplasty, which involves an external incision just beneath the nose, applying makeup too soon can result in infection and other complications. Even patients who have a closed rhinoplasty using only internal incisions and sutures should take care to be extra gentle when applying makeup during the healing phase. Generally speaking, it is best to wait at least 1 – 2 weeks before wearing makeup on or around the nose, but this may vary from patient to patient. During your initial consultation at Austin-Weston, your knowledgeable surgeon will discuss rhinoplasty recovery instructions at great length to ensure you have the most pleasing experience and successful outcome possible.

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