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Implant Update: Hottest Trends in Breast Augmentation

We now have saline implants, silicone implants, gummy bear implants, shaped implants, smooth implants, textured implants, Ideal (structural) implants, expander implants and probably some I am missing.

So how do you know what to ask for to get a great breast augmentation result?  Great question and no easy answer except make sure that your surgeon has all the options, listens to what you want and has a reputation for excellence in breast augmentation.

I will try and break it down for you in the way I would a consultation with each patient thinking of larger breasts, perkier boobs, or lifted breasts.

First I always ask about your desires and concerns and we work from there, but in general we think of silicone implants as looking and feeling more natural than saline of the same size.  We can think of saline as being a bit more “worry free” than silicone because a ruptured implant is immediately obvious when one breast gets a lot smaller than the other. 

These are generalizations and obviously not perfect descriptors, but can help choose a direction.  In the last year or a bit more we have had the option come about that is an in between option called the Ideal Implant. It blends a bit of the best of each.  It is a saline implant that feels more natural because of the different layers used in its construction.  So far our experience is that once it is in it feels almost as natural as the silicone.  If or when it would rupture, it does not go completely flat like last generation saline since it is actually constructed like an implant within an implant. Pretty cool.

On the silicone front the companies are starting to design the implants to have less wrinkling than in the past, filling them a bit more and have come out with the tear drop shaped implants. 

We actually had these shapes in a saline version 20 or so years ago when I started in practice.  They were not used much and went off the market, but demand for the most natural breast augmentation results have helped them to re-emerge in their current form.  They are very good for breast reconstruction and also for patients desire the most natural slope, but require a bit of a bigger incision and there is a bit more limit for each patient in how large they can go with the implants based on their current breast size and shape.

We would love to give you the information most pertinent to you in an individual consultation where you get the chance to try on implants and perhaps even have some computer imaging of results. (Imaging doesn’t work particularly well if breasts are a bit droopy.)  We can go over in greater depth your individual implant and surgical options to get your body in bikini shape.  Hope to see you soon.

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