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Fillers Aren't Just for Lips

I’m often asked by patients if they ‘need anything’ during a consultation, and I always try to answer that with a question.

“What is bothering you and can you point it out to me?”

Sometimes a patient will have a very specific request, and I can address that, but often they reply that they have been feeling like they look older lately, and want to know what options they have to help look younger.

That conversation can go down one of several avenues, and a couple more questions can help elucidate which avenue is the right one that day. I first ask if their goal is to look younger with minimally-invasive options like fillers alone, or if they are open to having a discussion about potential surgical options as well.

For the patient wanting just minimally-invasive options, the conversation almost always includes fillers. Nowadays, there are FDA-approved options for so many areas of the face. Sometimes the goal of a filler will be to look younger, sometimes to just amplify an already-existing feature.

The most common areas for filler vary by age group, but include higher cheekbones, fuller lips, less-tired eyes and softened deep lines around the mouth. Other less-common requests, but still with potential for great results, include filler to lift acne scars or other traumatic scars on the face or body.

The most common fillers today are hyaluronic acids. Since our bodies contain this natural substance, we are always making and breaking down hyaluronic acids. This means your body does not see the filler as a foreign material, so it should look very natural after injection. It also means your body has the ability to slowly dissolve the filler over time.

Depending on the filler and the part of the face injected, they can last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. There is also an agent to dissolve any unwanted filler, so if you change your mind later, the filler can also be un-done.

Regarding cost of fillers, they are typically sold by the syringe. Part of talking with your doctor beforehand is to guage the amount of filler the doctor thinks will be required to achieve your result. At Austin-Weston, filler prices range from $400-$1000 depending on the product, and we discount for multiple syringes of filler.

An example of this is if a patient elects to have 4 syringes of filler injected, then the first syringe is regular price, but all subsequent syringes are discounted. If a patient wanted to have 2 syringes of Voluma for higher cheekbones, 1 syringe of JUVÉDERM® for smile lines around the mouth, and a syringe of Volbella for fuller lips, the price would be $800 for the first syringe of Voluma®, $600 for the second ($200 off regular price), $425 for the JUVÉDERM® (typically $625) and $300 for the Volbella® (typically $400).

If you’re interested in changing a particular area of your face with fillers, or if you just want to look younger and have a conversation about what’s possible with minimally-invasive options, please call Austin-Weston at 703.854.9841 for a complimentary consultation.

Christopher D. Knotts, M.D.


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