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A Facelift For Each Decade-New Options For Different Ages

By: Austin-Weston


Facelift for each decade

Throughout the years, cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures have been able to help both women and men throughout the greater Northern Virginia areas put their best face forward, regardless of age. People always feels better when they look their best! With the natural process of aging, individuals begin to see changes and more often than not the face is the first place to notice. Patients considering a facelift are typically trying to remove the signs of wrinkles, fine lines or deep creases while tightening up skin that has lost elasticity. Although the signs of aging vary by person the emotional uplift of a facelift can be the right answer for anyone! But is a facelift the right option for any decade? What are the options for facial rejuvenation at any age?

The first step in this process is finding the right plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and aesthetic goals. Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Reston, VA is the premier cosmetic practice in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area. The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston have over 75 years of combined expertise so they have decades of experience providing cosmetic solutions and beautiful results to their patients. Here is some helpful information on what you can expect each decade with the process of aging and the facial rejuvenation options Austin-Weston can provide to you!

The main question...do I need a facelift?

No one has an exact timeline on when they would be ready for any cosmetic intervention much less a facelift procedure. Every woman and man ages at their own pace. External factors such as sun exposure, smoking or drinking as well as stress all play a role in a person’s natural process of aging. Even the skin they inherited is a factor. During a consultation at our Northern Virginia cosmetic surgery center, we will determine if you are a candidate but here are some helpful guidelines to consider:

  • You have an overall tired appearance
  • You have sagging or loose skin in the cheek, lower jowl area or neck area
  • You have static wrinkles (permanent) around the eyes, mouth or forehead area
  • You have tried nonsurgical treatments
  • You are middle-aged or older

Age and the facelift consideration

Why does our skin breakdown as we age? Our skin loses elasticity and collagen production diminishes causing skin to not be as plump allowing wrinkles to settle in. Also factors like sun exposure, genetics or smoking can exacerbate the natural aging process. A facelift can give patients long-term results while regaining their youthful glow but may not be the right solution depending on your age.

20s & 30s

Considered usually the most beautiful time of life when everyone looks young and feels vibrant. Typically these two decades rarely have patients considering facelift options but there are other options younger individuals can consider like good skin care, less sun exposure and even non-invasive “liquid facelift” solutions like dermal fillers or BOTOX to help ward off the signs of aging. Fillers can fill in the fine lines that start to creep in, especially in the mid to late 30s. BOTOX can help prevent the formation of lines in the brow or forehead area making them less permanent as one reaches their 40s.


As individuals reach their forties, a refresher course with facelift options becomes more of an option especially when non-invasive options have run their course. Most women and even men consider an eye lift or blepharoplasty to remove permanent lines or “Crow’s feet” in order to look more alert or less “tired”. This decade is also usually a popular time to remove the lines and sagging skin in the mid-face area or around the mouth so a midface lift can be considered. This will also lift the lower jowl area which is another sign of aging with sagging skin and changes to the neckline area. Individuals in their 40’s can also consider a mini facelift, instead of a full facelift, to tackle small problems and take years off their appearance.


No matter how young you may feel, the aging process begins to accelerate in this decade. Facial volume rapidly decreases in this decade and static wrinkles (lines that remain even when no facial expressions are being made) increase therefore it becomes more apparent that turning back the clock will involve some sort of facelift procedure. Some individuals may still only be experiencing sagging skin in their jowl or neck area so a lower face lift or neck lift may give a patient the rejuvenating look they need. Even a brow lift to remove deep lines or grooves that have taken up permanent residency in the upper part of the face Then some individuals with more severe signs of aging and loose skin may need to consider a full facelift.


This is usually the decade, regardless of what you have done, where you begin to look your age. Skin elasticity is at a minimum and static wrinkles are in all locations of the face. A good time to take action with a dramatic intervention, with a full facelift, to include the neck area can help make patients look amazing and youthful throughout their 60s.

70s and older

If you cared at 30 how you looked, you will still care at 70. Most individuals, in good health, can consider cosmetic help even in their 70s in order to keep a youthful appearance. Most individuals in this decade need to consider a full facelift to remove sagging skin and eliminate wrinkles. If previous facelifts have been performed then those patients can opt for small touch ups like a neck lift or midface lift. Some individuals in their 70s need an eye lift or eyelid restoration for medical reasons due to drooping eyelids which are impeding their vision. Blepharoplasty procedures are one of the more simpler procedures but can provide elderly patients the most dramatic results. An eye lift can make patients look “more awake” and rested which can take years of their appearance.

Every decade of life involves some sort of the aging process. If you are considering a facelift, there are different options in order to customize the facial rejuvenation process for any person at any age! Everyone has their own unique face and everyone ages at their own pace. With surgical advancements today, there are more options now than ever to fit every patient’s needs. Every decade has a solution to fight the signs of aging!

The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston located in Reston, VA wants to help you decide which facial rejuvenation option you may need. They have helped countless patients, both women and men, in the Northern Virginia and Washington, DC area maintain or take back their youthful look with both invasive and non-invasive options that you can consider! If you want to know what your facelift options are then call or schedule your consultation with Austin-Weston today!


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