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Correcting Breast Asymmetry

By: George Weston, MD


Almost all breasts are a little asymmetrical. One breast is often larger than the other, or sags more, or a nipple is higher on one side, or even the ribs are a little different and can cause an asymmetry of the breasts. Look on our web site at the before-and-after breast photos and you will see what I mean. Look especially at the breast reduction section. The bigger the breasts, the more likely there is an asymmetry.

If you look with a critical eye you can almost always find a subtle asymmetry. Since the asymmetry is often not just size – but is also shape – the asymmetry cannot be corrected by simply placing a bigger implant on the smaller side.

This will not correct the asymmetry of shape, and it can often make it worse. The volume may be closer to being equal in a bra, but with your bra off the shape may actually be worse!

The asymmetry cannot ever be made perfectly symmetrical, but it can often be made better – sometimes a lot better.

We need to examine you at the consultation to see what the cause of the asymmetry is, and what will be required to improve it. If the asymmetry is subtle, it may not be worth trying to improve it. For instance, if it requires more incisions and scars on one breast, it may not be worth the tradeoff to get a minor improvement in symmetry.

Remember – there is shape, and there is size. Both of these are important and will be evaluated at your consultation.

Together we will come up with a surgical plan the give you the best, most beautiful result of each!

- George Weston, M.D.


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