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Can Neck Lift Surgery Remove My Double Chin?

By: Austin-Weston


Can Neck Lift Surgery Remove My Double Chin?  Reston

Are you embarrassed to be in photos or have people see you from a certain angle because of your double chin? At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we know just how frustrating – and even embarrassing – this problem can be. To help men and women achieve the silhouette they desire and feel more confident about their image, our award-winning team of Reston, VA board-certified plastic surgeons is proud to offer a number of neck contouring options, including neck lift surgery and neck liposuction. Use the helpful information below to better understand how neck contouring surgery can transform your profile and if you may be a candidate for a neck lift, neck lipo, or both.

My double chin is so embarrassing

With the exceptional amount of selfie-snapping and video-chatting happening daily in our world, it is virtually impossible to keep your face off display completely. For men and women who are unhappy with their appearance from the neck up, these can be discouraging times. In particular, having a double chin can be a constant source of anxiety and embarrassment. While a double chin is technically the result of stubborn fat in the neck area, many people with a double chin are at a perfectly normal weight, which can make this problem even more frustrating. If your double chin is making you look heavier than you are or feel less than confident about yourself, you may be excited to learn about neck contouring surgery.

What is neck contouring surgery?

Neck contouring surgery is used to resculpt the neckline for a slimmer, tighter, and more natural-looking new shape. Depending on the patient’s specific concerns, he or she may benefit most from neck liposuction, a neck lift, or a combination of both. Common issues that can be dramatically improved with neck contouring surgery include:

  • Hanging neck skin
  • Neck banding
  • Loose skin on the neck
  • Turkey neck
  • Double chin
  • Stubborn fat under the chin
  • Droopy neck fat

Neck lift vs. neck lipo: which is best for a double chin?

Because stubborn fat in the neck is primarily responsible for a double chin, removing fat cells with neck liposuction is the most fitting solution for patients with a true double chin. For men and women with loose neck skin – often called a turkey neck – a neck lift may be a more suitable option. During neck lift surgery, loose neck muscles can be tightened, and excess skin can be trimmed away to create a taut, slim, natural-looking contour.

It is important that patients considering neck liposuction for a double chin have good remaining skin elasticity in order for the neck to shrink down to its new shape. Patients with mild to moderate skin laxity can actually end up with significant neck sagging when neck lipo is performed on its own. For these patients, a combination of neck lift plus neck lipo can help to remove double chin fat and tighten loose skin in a single surgery.

Get the perfect shot every time with neck contouring surgery in Northern Virginia

Whether you’re hoping to look better on Zoom calls, in your profile picture, or in real life, slimming down your neckline can help. To learn more about the benefits of neck lift surgery and neck liposuction, call Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Reston, VA to schedule your one-on-one consultation with any of our award-winning board-certified plastic surgeons today.


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