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Is It Best to have breast augmentation before or after kids?

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular procedures that we perform amongst all age groups.  It is one part of the “mommy makeover” surgery, when mothers come to us to regain a flatter abdomen and rejuvenate breasts.  We are often asked about the ideal timing for having a breast procedure with regard to children.

The answer is not the same for everyone, but just answering a question or two for yourself can help you decide.

The main concern patients have will generally be with breast feeding.  While the likelihood of affecting this is low with surgery, it is possible, especially with larger breast implants.  The reason for this is that the larger the implant, the more stretch there is on nerves and a  greater possibility that there may be some change in sensation to the nipple.

If there is a loss of sensation, then all of the nerve pathways necessary for milk being “let down” or released from the breast may not be there.

We know that not every women has the ability to breast feed for a number of different reasons and many of our patients proclaim that it is not much of an issue for them if they can’t.  However, if the possibility of breast feeding is highly important, then you would really want to consider delaying augmentation.  It has been reassuring that the breast milk of women with implants has been studied and determined not to show any differences because of the implants.

The other main concern are the changes that will happen to the breast just because of pregnancy.

Often after pregnancy, the breast may be deflated or have a bit of droop that they did not have before.

This will happen with or without an implant, and it has not been our experience that the implant makes it any worse.  Some patients are just fine, some decide to perhaps change to a different implant to fill out some of the deflation, and others might keep the implants but opt for a breast lift if they seem droopy.  These are the choices that they likely would have made anyway even if they never had the implants.

We know that implants are not a lifelong device, meaning that anyone getting them should realize that at some point they will likely need a second surgery to replace an implant.  Perhaps due to an implant deflating or developing some firm scar tissue around it.  Many of our patients with that knowledge will opt to go ahead and get their implants, so they can get the look they want and enjoy it now, and then make implant changes or adjustments after they are done having children.

A consultation in person will help to answer any other questions and even give you a chance to get a preview of what you make look like after.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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