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10 Facts About Injectable Fillers You Need To Know

By: Austin-Weston


Injectables in Northern VA

Injectable fillers are the anti-aging choice these days for more and more women and men in Northern Virginia. Surpassing BOTOX, more patients are choosing fillers to plump up certain areas and restore a more youthful look to their appearance. Our skin doesn’t bounce back as easily when we get older, due to collagen loss, so fillers can alleviate the lines that smiling, frowning or laughing may leave behind. Injectable fillers add volume and can erase the signs of aging to give a rejuvenated look to anyone. The plastic surgeons and professionally trained staff at Austin-Weston in Northern VA offer a wide selection of injectable fillers to both men and women to improve their facial aesthetics. If you are considering the non-invasive option of injectable fillers then here are 10 facts about injectable fillers you should know.

1) May be temporary but packs a punch

Most dermal fillers are known to last at least 6 months, and some last even longer. While that may not seem very long, men and women alike use fillers in order to look more refreshed and temporarily put off any means of cosmetic surgery. Furthermore when combined with its counterpart BOTOX patients can get an overall rejuvenated appearance that makes the nonsurgical option worth it.

2) Some injectables are all natural

Some injectable fillers are naturally-derived from substances the body produces like hyaluronic acid and collagen. Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm use this substance found in muscles, bones, and tendons to naturally add fullness and volume to skin. It will slowly absorb back into the body and last for months. There are different types of fillers comprised of different ingredients and many are specifically designed to target areas of the face. Some patients have results for 6-9 months and even up to 2 years!

3) Some injectables are synthetic

Some injectable fillers are synthetic but they are safe and highly effective just like their natural counterparts. Synthetic fillers like Radiesse can fill in the wrinkles and lines while also promoting the body to produce more collagen. Different than other fillers, the promotion of collagen gives patients youthful results that rejuvenate with the body, which makes it a more semi-permanent solution.

4) Face versus other areas of the body

A common question asked by patients, is if injectable fillers can be used to plump up or add volume to other areas of the body (such as the breast or buttocks) in order to avoid cosmetic surgery. Injectable fillers are not FDA approved to use in other areas of the body. In addition, it would take copious amounts of filler to make a difference. At this point, dermal fillers can do amazing things with your face and that is primarily where they are used.

5) Fillers can target specific facial areas

Even though injectable fillers can’t target larger areas like the buttocks or breasts they can specifically target areas of the face. There are specific fillers designed to add fullness and volume to the lips, around the eyes, laugh lines or “marionette” lines around the mouth or the heavy hitter of the cheekbone area. There is a filler for every part of the face to rejuvenate a patient’s appearance and it can all be done at the same time!

6) Lunch appointment-sign me up!

One of the advantages of these temporary non-invasive filler options is that no surgery or downtime is required. Aside from some minor bruising and swelling that goes away in a few hours or days, patients can return to work or a normal routine right after a filler appointment.

7) Low risk of side effects

Since injectable fillers are a gel-like substance placed just beneath the skin to restore volume and smooth out slight lines or wrinkles there is a low risk of any side effects. It is a cost-effective way to erase the signs of aging, get a more youthful appearance with little to no risk.

8) A qualified injector is important...

Patients should always be cautious about getting filler injections from a non-qualified, inexperienced injector. If injections are placed in the wrong areas or within blood vessels it can lead to serious complications or unwanted results. While fillers are a simple and effective anti-aging treatment, they should still be performed by a certified professional with qualified experience. The plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston in Reston, VA have years of experience with injectable fillers and offer Northern Virginia individuals outstanding results because of their expertise.

Injectable Men

9) Men are not excluded!

Since 2015, more men than ever are looking into non-invasive cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers to look younger and remove those signs of aging. Even though for different reasons than females, men look to fillers to add a more chiseled look that may of faded with age. Men want to fill in the gaps and remove fine lines or wrinkles in order to get a more youthful appearance.

10) Fillers continue to gain popularity

The use of dermal fillers has been on the rise since 2015 and they don’t seem to be slowing down. The aesthetic game of everyone trying to defy aging is only getting bigger and if you can do it without surgery then why not!

The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, in the Northern VA area, offers several options of injectable fillers to women or men trying to combat the signs of aging. The professional staff and plastic surgeons can offer a customized plan for patients looking to get facial rejuvenation with the help of dermal fillers. Feel more confident, look younger and more refreshed with this non-invasive cosmetic option by calling or scheduling a consultation with Austin-Weston today!


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