The Risks of Liposuction and How to Avoid Complications

Liposuction like any kind of cosmetic procedure comes with a certain amount of risks, but there are ways that a board certified plastic surgeon can minimize those risks of a complication. Dr. Byron Poindexter of the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery breaks down some of the most common risks and complications of Liposuction and what the Surgeons at Austin-Weston do to avoid them. ?? Questions addressed during this video: •  How Common is infection from Liposuction? •  What Happens if Bleeding occurs are a result of Liposuction? •  Can you Correct an irregularity? •  How can Patients reduce their risks? ?? Learn More | ?? Blog | CONTACT US: ?? 703.893.6168 ?? ?? [email protected]  ?? Schedule a consultation: ?? Subscribe to our blog: FOLLOW US: ?? Facebook: ?? Instagram: ?? Snapchat: ?? Twitter: