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At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we take our commitment to our patients very seriously. We strive to exceed patient expectations by focusing on their individual needs and concerns. We also seek to truly understand the motivation and desires of each individual to better assist them in their cosmetic journey. Each patient we help becomes part of the extended Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery family. We would like to share with you some of the wonderful testimonials we have received from many of our valued patients and hope their stories help you to learn more about us.

Reviews for Reston, VA Cosmetic Dentist Robert Sigal, MD Mommy Makeover Procedures

0.0 Review from L. Source: RateMDs Aug 28 2017

"35 Y.o. + 5"3 + 140 Lbs After 55 Lbs Weight Loss + Two C-sections = MMO TIME! - Hey RS community! I’m trying to be brave and share ALL my details because I got so much help from reading other stories on here. I’m 35, 5’3”, mother of 2 boys (4 & 6), both C-sections and both breast fed for about a year. I work out 4-5 times a week and following a keto diet. It's so strange...almost know that my nipples won't be talking to my belly button soon. I am 1 ..."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Sep 22 2016

"My experience with Dr. Sigal and Austin Weston Center has been absolutely amazing!!! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this doctor and this place, but I will certainly try! The service I was looking for was a tummy tuck and possible breast lift. I received consultations by two other area cosmetic surgeons, prior to meeting with Doctor Sigal. But once I met him, I KNEW he was the one! There are several reasons for this. At the time of all three initial consultations, I was still about 40 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight (had two c-sections, 15 months apart, and gained entirely too much weight!) The first two doctors I saw told me there was no need for me to lose any weight for surgery (which contradicted the research I had done). Rather than pressure me to schedule my surgery ASAP, Dr. Sigal recommended that I lose weight (for maximum results), and gave me a few months to do so. I ended up losing 25 pounds! With all three doctors with whom I had consultations, I discussed a possible breast lift. The first two doctors gave me quotes, without batting an eye. However, during my exam with Dr. Sigal, he was HONEST, and told me he didn't think I needed the breast lift. I was pretty happy with that, because it meant I'd save some money AND avoid unnecessary alterations to my body :) Also, Dr. Sigal's quote was comparable to those which I received from the other two doctors. He offers half-off pricing for second procedures, if done at the same time. AND of the three doctors I saw, Dr. Sigal's office is the one that accepts insurance for medical issues (i.e.: hernia repair). Every staff member with whom I've come into contact at Austin Weston is awesome; so pleasant and friendly! The front desk, nurses, and especially Dr. Sigal, himself! His bedside manner is unlike any other I've ever experienced. He is so personable, friendly, charming, and skilled! He, personally, called me the night of my surgery, to see how I was doing. I am nearly four weeks post-op at this point, and am THRILLED with my results. At least two of the nurses here have received tummy tucks from Dr. Sigal. I referred my own sister to Dr. Sigal (she's thrilled with HER results, as well), and would seriously recommend him to anyone! I love coming to see Dr. Sigal for my follow-up appointments! He is just so nice, intelligent, friendly, and fun! I just learned that I don't need to return for another check-up for two whole months, so I'm a little bummed--I'm really going to miss Dr. Sigal! He is seriously the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure to have!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Feb 06 2015

"Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Sigal. My experience has been life changing. I had abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast lift, and breast augmentation. My entire experience was wonderful starting with first consultation through every one of my post-op appointments. Dr. Sigal and the staff were warm, supportive, and knowledgable. Not pushy at all and happy to answer the many questions that I had. I felt completely comfortable and prepared for my procedure and am beyond thrilled with my results."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Oct 01 2014

"I had a consultation with Dr. Sigal and I was extremely satisfied with this Surgeon. While I cannot attest to his surgical skills, I have to say that his education and years of experience are noteworthy. The center is beautiful, clean, and inviting. The staff was friendly and courteous, which made me feel at ease. The reason for my consult was to decide if my implants should be replaced. I found Dr. Sigal to be informative about my options and responsible. He recommended that I did not need to replace my implants and that if I wanted to do a lift or go up in size, he recommended that I wait until I was happy with my weight loss (which I have been working on) and that I should come back and see him in the future if and when I decide and when I am ready to have the procedures I was interested in. I decided to give a review on this surgeon because there are not many current reviews. He was knowledgable and concerned for my health and happiness with my body more than he was about having another client. I will have a lift and maybe some liposuction when I have achieved my personal weightless goals and I will go to Dr. Sigal. I will also recommend that my friends consult with him when they are interested in having procedures done because I trust that he will be honest and consider all options before performing any procedure. He deserves the five star rating!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Jun 17 2011

"There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Dr. Sigal. My whole experience right from my very first consultation was amazing. Dr. Sigal and his entire staff were very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. I was so impressed. I looked forward to all my appointments and never felt like I was at a doctor's appointment, it was more like I was seeing friends. Dr. Sigal has a bed side manner that is beyond wonderful!!! Back in March 2011 he performed a abdominoplasty, liposuction of my thighs and also did a breast lift on me. I went into surgery feeling very confident and prepared. Dr. Sigal and the staff left no stone unturned when it came to going over every detail of pre-op instructions, what to expect with the surgery itself and the post-op instructions. Even all the extra precautionary measures they took to ensure I had a safe and fast recovery were incredible. Dr. Sigal and his staff go above and beyond what other doctors would do."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Apr 12 2011

"Dr. Sigal, you changed my life. My abdominoplasty in December was the best thing I've ever done for myself and I owe the transformation of my body and internal happiness to you! Words cannot adequately express how deeply grateful I am for the change you brought to my life. Seeing my before pictures makes me cringe, because I don't recognize what used to be my body and it's only been 4 months. Those pictures are great motivation because I will never go back to that again. My surgery set me on the the right course to being healthy and happy. Thank you so much for being warm, caring and honest with me. I have enjoyed working with you and my heart is full for all you've done for me. I'd also like to extend my deep appreciation to your staff for being extremely professional, kind and patient throughout my many visits. My surgery was the best money my husband and I have ever spent. Thank you, thank you, thank you! There is no question, Dr. Sigal is the best--hands down."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: RateMDs Feb 17 2011

"Dr. Sigal is fabulous! Super smart in the way some people who know a lot but don't throw it around are. Fun and funny, he makes you feel extra comfortable in a situation which could be semi-awkward (ummm, so I think I want to get rid of my Dad's nose...maybe...) and he just makes the whole experience easy. Can't recommend him highly enough, and his assistant is similarly welcoming and just plain nice to deal with. I always wonder if these things are written "insiders," but I can assure you this isn't--although I never bother writing these kind of "testimonials," I'm actually happy to get the opp'y to tell others what I already know: if you're considering any type of plastic surgery, he's your man. love!"
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