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Are you interested in a minimally invasive, nonsurgical alternative to a facelift? Our team of plastic surgeons at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer thread lifts. Sometimes called a lunchtime lift because of their short procedure time, thread lifts use absorbable threads (sutures) and thin, specialized needles to effectively lift the facial skin, offering a smoother, rejuvenated appearance much like that of a facelift. Thread lifts are performed at our Reston, VA facility and can help turn back the hands of time on your complexion. The threads promote the natural production of collagen so that your results become more dramatic over time. Contact our team to schedule your consultation today.

What are the benefits of a thread lift?

Some people are simply not ready or interested in a facelift but still want to enjoy a youthful glow. Others may not be good candidates for surgery because of health reasons. Thread lifts offer patients the perfect solution for the following reasons:

  • Safe treatment: Thread lifts are minimally invasive, which means there is less risk for complications compared to cosmetic surgery.
  • Shorter procedure time: Our advanced procedure can be completed in about an hour, making it a convenient lunchtime treatment.
  • Long-lasting results: Thread lifts can take years off your appearance, and the results continue to improve over time as the threads stimulate collagen production.

Ideal Candidates

Men or women in the Reston area who have mild to moderate lines, wrinkles, sagging, or loose skin due to lost volume may be great candidates for a thread lift. The dual effect of the lifting procedure combined with the stimulation of collagen production allows candidates to enjoy a refreshed, rested appearance comparable to a surgical facelift without the incisions, downtime, or recovery. To further amplify your results, ask one of our surgeons about adding an injectable wrinkle relaxer or filler. 

Preparing for Thread Lift

Recovery Time

1-2 Days

Starting Cost

From: $950

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Procedure Technique

As it is a nonsurgical procedure, your thread lift will typically be performed in the minor procedures area of our facility. Your skin may be numbed with topical or local anesthesia, and most patients choose to remain awake during the procedure. We do have the ability to perform the procedure under general anesthesia at an added cost. Our team will mark the entry and exit points for your lift before using a specialized needle to insert the threads through your skin. Once the threads are in place, your skin will be lifted and tightened as your surgeon pulls the threads in the necessary direction. The procedure will be completed in under an hour, and your results will be immediate. Prices vary by area.

Recovery and Results

Although you will have some redness and bruising around the entry and exit points on your face, you will enjoy immediate results that steadily improve as you recover. You can return to your daily activities as you feel able. Since your thread lift does not involve incisions, you will not experience scarring; however, you should take care of your healing skin by following all post-procedure instructions provided by our team. Bruising can last a couple of weeks. If you have chosen to combine your thread lift with other nonsurgical procedures, you may be provided with additional aftercare directions, which you will need to adhere to for optimal results. Your final outcome will last up to a year but may need an occasional touch up with an additional thread lifting procedure.

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Nonsurgical Rejuvenation

At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we take great pride in helping our patients achieve and attain their aesthetic goals. Our team is experienced and skilled to treat loose, wrinkled, or drooping skin in a minimally invasive, nonsurgical way. If you are interested in an alternative to a facelift but still want natural-looking, refreshed results, schedule your consultation with a member of our team in Reston, VA today. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.