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What is Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body?

If you are looking for a way to refresh your appearance without the invasiveness and downtime of surgery, then Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body may be of significant benefit to you. Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body both use microneedling and radiofrequency energy to rejuvenate skin, achieving a more youthful appearance. During the procedure, the production of collagen in the treatment areas is stimulated, allowing for tighter skin with less visible scarring. Combining the power of microneedling with radiofrequency energy allows for maximum and lasting results. If you are looking for a less invasive and nonsurgical way to rejuvenate your skin, face, and body, consider Morpheus8 or Morpheus Body at Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. Call our office in Reston, VA, to schedule your consultation.

Who is a candidate for Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body?

Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body are great procedures for patients who are concerned about skin laxity, wrinkles, stretch marks, or skin irregularities. This technology is safe to use on all skin types, unlike some lasers. If you are looking to tighten skin or improve the appearance of various skin irregularities like scars, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, or sun spots, then this procedure may be ideal for you. Prior to your procedure, you will have a full consultation with our team to ensure we fully understand your goals and have realistic expectations about what the procedure can attain. 

Preparing for Morpheus8™/Morpheus Body

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How do Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body Work?

Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body combine the power of microneedling with radiofrequency energy. For your procedure, you will be invited to relax in a comfortable private room. Sedation is typically not necessary for these noninvasive procedures. The Morpheus8 handpiece will be passed over your treatment areas. It will target deep layers of skin, stimulating collagen production. After your procedure, you can expect to have some small scabs on your skin for the first 24-72 hours. As your skin heals and naturally produces new collagen over the course of 1 - 3 months, you will see your results. Depending on your treatment needs and the starting condition of your skin, it may take a few sessions to see your full transformation. Results can be long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy rejuvenated skin.

* Face: $1,200

* Neck: $750

* Chest: $850

* Body: $800

* Eyes/Undereyes: $750

* Scars: $500

* 3 treatments

* 4 weeks apart

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A High-Tech Nonsurgical Solution

For a skin transformation without significant downtime or invasive surgery, consider Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body. With the combined power of microneedling and radiofrequency energy, our team can help you achieve younger, firmer, more radiant, and touchable skin. If you're interested in making a change that will help you feel more confident in yourself, then call Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Reston, VA, and schedule your consultation.

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