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Ask Our Surgeons
Northern Virginia Plastic Surgeons – Drs. George Weston, Robert Sigal, Byron Poindexter and Christopher Knotts believe that collaboration is beneficial to both doctor and patient. Our cosmetic surgeons prefer to embrace the benefits of team decisions.

This collaboration among Northern Virginia plastic surgeons gives patients access to the combined talents of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States and is just one more example of how dedicated our surgeons are to maximizing the safety and quality of services to their patients. We are available to answer any questions you may have in regards to cosmetic plastic surgery.

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Any information in the publications, messages, postings or articles on this website should not be considered a substitute for consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to address individual medical needs. Your particular facts and circumstances will determine the plastic surgery treatment which is most appropriate for you.

344 thoughts on “Ask Our Surgeons

  1. Dear Doctors-

    I have hollowness below my cheekbones. I was wondering if fillers can be used? If not, what can be done to treat this issue? I also have some fine lines in this lower area. How effective is laser for treating the lines? I am not sure if I am ready for an invasive procedure at this time.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there. Fillers are great for adding volume to the face. Sometimes we use commercial fillers and sometimes we use your body’s own fat cells. The nuances can be discussed in consultation.

      These same fillers can be good for fine lines as well, depending on how fine we are talking. If the issue is thin skin that is similar to ‘crepe paper’ than lasering may be a better option.

      Occasionally we will recommend something more drastic like removing excess skin, but there are certainly non-invasive options for what you described. Come meet with one of our surgeons and we can tell you what will best fit your expectations/budget/lifestyle.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Dear Doctors,

    What is your honest opinion of Kybella injections for correcting a run of the mill chin waddle vs. an old-fashioned surgical chin implant? Can these injections really achieve the same results as surgery?

    Thank you–


    • Kybella does work, but it is not as effective as liposuction and definitely not get the same results as surgical intervention.

      It really does not compare to a chin implant which solely makes the bony part of the chin more prominent but does not affect the “waddle,” which is below the jaw line.

      Ideal candidates for Kybella would have only modest excess fat under the neck with good tone to the skin, meaning it feels fairly thick and firm.

      Hope this helps.

      Dr. P

    • Of course. Actually most people do. Some patients don’t have a preference, and then we just help them fit their schedule with any of the surgeons.

      All 4 of us specialize only in cosmetic surgery, and I would let any of the other surgeons operate on me or my wife ( and they have!)

      George Weston, M.D.

  3. Wondering if all the Doctors in your practice do all procedures or if some are better at certain procedures than others?

    I am thinking about a Brazilian Butt lift and liposuction / inner thigh lift and was wanting to know if there is one Dr who is better at these than the others (I know you don’t compete with one another but am still curious).

    • While each of the doctors has his own aesthetic, we all routinely perform Brazilian butt lifts. It is a common procedure and we each have lots of happy patients who have had the procedure.

      If you have a certain ‘look’ in mind, it’s ideal to bring in some before/after pics that you like and we can tell you what is needed to achieve that result.

      During your consult, if one doctor feels like another one would be better suited to your needs or personality, they will recommend them without reservation!

      Hope that helps!

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