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About our Overnight Room

This past year, Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, took the extremely unusual step of opening an overnight stay suite within our Center. How unusual? Well, if you check the “Google machine,” there are not many ambulatory surgery centers (ASC’s) around that have over-night stay capability. (A group called Becker’s ASC Review noted only 31 in the whole country in 2014!)

Now, an ASC is a place where multiple surgeons from various specialties come to operate. Because of this, their focus is more diffuse than ours – a center devoted only to cosmetic surgery. They’re usually bigger than ours so they can usually better afford overnight care. And ASC’s often operate on sicker patients, so they sometimes need for patients to stay overnight. Because we are smaller and operate on healthy patients, it’s even rarer to find a single-focused center like ours offering an overnight facility. What gives?

Simple. It’s consistent with our Mission:

At our center, we use our experience in the art of cosmetic surgery to create outcomes that make profound differences in people’s lives.

Our commitments:

To produce excellent procedural results using the best available technology and skills
To provide surgery that is truly responsive to the patient’s ultimate objectives, both emotionally and physically.
To provide excellent and compassionate patient care before, during and after the procedure until healing is complete.
To exceed patient expectations whenever possible
To perform the above focused on the patient’s safety at all times
To relate professionally with all staff members
When you think like that, when you see cosmetic surgery as a transformational step in people’s lives, having an overnight suite available makes all the sense in the world.

It allows the patient to feel secure in her/his immediate post-op caretaking that worries out of the healing equation. The latest research has shown that less stress = faster recovery.
This is more important to some than to others, but when it is important, it’s really important. For some, like those from out of town or those without local family or friends, it makes cosmetic surgery possible.
Paying attention to that imperative is consistent with compassionate care
Our facility’s overnight capability exceeds patient expectations
The overnight suite is monitored by a nurse singly devoted to one patient’s care. There is simply no safer way to spend your first night.
We have operated safely for years by sending the vast majority of our patients home to spend their first night. We suspect that will continue in the future and that’s great. It works. But once in a while, when the need arises, it is extremely convenient having an overnight facility available!