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Robert Sigal, MD


Robert Sigal, MD

Dr. Sigal sees cosmetic surgery as a way of making major contributions to people’s lives. While he initially chose cosmetic surgery because it calls for multi-dimensional surgical skills and offers unique surgical challenges, he has found that the real joy of his practice comes after the surgery.



Dr. Robert Sigal is board-certified in plastic surgery and his articles and comments have been published extensively in medical journals and by the media.

It is Dr. Sigal’s broad surgical knowledge that makes his goal possible, which is to give each cosmetic surgery patient an experience that is beyond their expectations resulting from their and how easy it was to experience.

In addition to his successful practice, Dr. Sigal is committed to helping others in need. An avid cyclist, Dr. Sigal raises money for various charities, including cancer and AIDS research, by participating in bicycle marathon fundraisers. A long time supporter of the Hunger Project, an organization dedicated to ending world hunger, Dr. Sigal remains committed to helping those most in need.

Dr. Sigal travels annually to Haiti with Project Medshare to give of his time and surgical expertise.


Prior to becoming a partner in the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, Dr. Robert Sigal received his undergraduate degree at Harvard College and his M.D. at Jefferson Medical College.

He went on to complete a full residency in General Surgery at Harbor/UCLA, culminating in a chief residency. During that time, he spent two years working in cancer research at the University of Pennsylvania, where he later trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Dr. Robert Sigal has found,

“It’s not how the eyes look, but the new sparkle that’s inside them that is the real accomplishment.”

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