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Hollowness below my cheekbones?

Dear Doctors-

I have hollowness below my cheekbones. I was wondering if fillers can be used? If not, what can be done to treat this issue? I also have some fine lines in this lower area. How effective is laser for treating the lines? I am not sure if I am ready for an invasive procedure at this time.

Thank you.

Hi there. Fillers are great for adding volume to the face. Sometimes we use commercial fillers and sometimes we use your body’s own fat cells. The nuances can be discussed in consultation.

These same fillers can be good for fine lines as well, depending on how fine we are talking. If the issue is thin skin that is similar to ‘crepe paper’ than lasering may be a better option.

Occasionally we will recommend something more drastic like removing excess skin, but there are certainly non-invasive options for what you described. Come meet with one of our surgeons and we can tell you what will best fit your expectations/budget/lifestyle.

Hope that helps!

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