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Neck Lift for Men

Neck lift procedures can dramatically reduce the signs of aging and improve the overall appearance of the face. As we age, fat deposits and wrinkles accumulate around the neck and our skin loses tone and begins to sag. Thanks to the elasticity of our skin, sagging skin in the neck can be corrected with neck lift surgery by gently pulling back the skin and tightening loose muscles around the neck. Neck lift is frequently performed in conjunction with a facelift, but can also be a stand-alone procedure.

Neck Lift Procedure

Sagging, loose neck skin and fat accumulation under the chin may be corrected with a neck lift. The incision is typically placed beneath the chin, and through this incision, your surgeon can tighten floppy neck muscles and thin out any extra fat. If there is a significant amount of extra skin hanging in the neck, then incisions are also made behind each ear to remove the excess skin and tuck the scar into an easy-to-hide location. The decision to place incisions behind the ear will be addressed by your surgeon during your consultation. Occasionally in men who have thick neck skin and do not want an incision behind the ear, a zigzag incision is placed on the front of the neck to remove extra skin. Your surgeon will discuss this as an option during your consultation.

Neck Lift Recovery

Neck lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and you are asked to followup the day after surgery. Bandages are removed by the nurses the morning after surgery, and if a drain is placed by your surgeon, it typically is removed at this first day appointment. Sutures are removed beneath the chin at one week and behind the ears around 10 days. Patients are asked to keep their chin up when walking around for the first week and to wear a compression garment at least at night for the first couple weeks. Most patients are back at work within 7-14 days depending on bruising. Final result photographs are taken at 3 months post-op.

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