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Midface Lift for Men

From a surgical perspective, the face is frequently broken into thirds with the upper face being from the eyes up, the midface being from the lower eyelids down to the mouth, and the lower face being the cheek, jowls and neck. Sometimes a patient will need all 3 areas addressed at once, and sometimes they elect to focus on just one particular area. The ‘midface’ area is the unit of the face where signs of aging may include a deep trough below the lower eyelids, and a flat upper cheek area where more volume used to be present.

Midface Lift Procedure

A midface lift incision is placed just below the lower eyelashes. This is the same incision used to address excess lower eyelid skin, bags under the eyes, or sagging lower eyelid muscle. Through this same surgical access incision, the sagging tissue of the upper cheek can be repositioned back onto the upper cheek bone. This is done using internal dissolvable sutures that go away after several months. Though the sutures dissolve, the lifting effects of the midface lift remain because the tissues heal into place at their new lifted location while the sutures are dissolving. The rejuvenation is apparent especially below the lower eyelids.

Midface Lift Recovery

A midface lift is done on an outpatient basis. The night of surgery, bandages are kept in place and you have plenty of medication to be comfortable. You are seen the next day in the office and bandages are removed. An appointment is made for around 7 days to remove sutures from the lower eyelid. The nurses will also instruct you on exercises for you to perform to keep the lower eyelids soft and to reduce swelling. It may take several months for the swelling to entirely resolve, but most patients are out in public doing regular activities within a few weeks. Scars continue to fade after the procedure and frequently mature to being near invisible.

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