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Around The Mouth Surgery

The board-certified plastic surgeons at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery are pioneers in refining and restoring the area around the mouth, which includes lip lift. Dr. George Weston, Dr. Robert Sigal, Dr. Byron Poindexter and Dr. Christopher Knotts have each pioneered many new and innovative techniques for addressing those fine lines and wrinkles in and around the mouth.

It is certainly no secret that as we age we begin to see our lips thin and lose the voluptuous volume they once had. Lines and creases begin to appear around the mouth especially at the corners from years of smiling, laughing and an occasional frown.


Using incisions that can be cosmetically hidden at the corners of the mouth, our plastic surgeons are able to smooth out and fill most problem areas. Combined with other facial rejuvenation and refinement options, such as eyelid surgery, a chin or cheek implant, Fraxel Laser treatments, cosmetic fillers and BOTOX® Cosmetic, your face and the area around your mouth can be restored to a youthful more natural appearance.

Around the Mouth, Laugh Lines and Lip Lift Surgery

As you age, three key areas change around your mouth, which facelift surgery does not address.
1. Distance between your upper lip and nose increases
2. Upper lip thins out
3. Corners of your mouth turn down
The doctors at North Virginia's plastic surgery center can address each of these areas of improvement with the latest techniques and may recommend a combination of surgery and skin care during your consultation.

Lip Lift Procedures (Perioral)

Around the mouth surgery can be a combination of several procedures that are often done together to achieve maximum results. A Lip Lift is done to lift the central component of upper lips. A Corner Mouth Lift lifts the corners of your mouth area to smooth the area around your mouth. These two procedures are often done together.

Other procedures may include adding fullness to your lips and filling in the lines around the mouth. This is done with either a fat transfer or filler such as JUVÉDERM®, or Resurfacing of Perioral (lips). Skin resurfacing using Laser or other techniques may be recommended for long term improvement of wrinkles or lines around the lips and mouth. Your doctor may possibly recommend doing both the resurfacing and filler/fat transfer together.

Mouth and Lip Lift Surgery Recovery

As with most facial rejuvenation procedures, recovery for Lip Lift and Around the Mouth surgery includes swelling and possible bruising. Most patients recover in about two weeks. Patients will come back to the office the next day following their mouth or lip surgery and then again at about a week.

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