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Laser Resurfacing

Northern Virginia Laser Resurfacing

The latest laser resurfacing technology can eliminate layers of sun-damaged skin and safely vaporize damaged skin cells and wrinkles on the face.

If you have begun to notice the appearance of unsightly wrinkles from sun-damaged skin, or have some permanent scarring from the effects of acne, or are just experiencing the normal aging process on the skin, laser resurfacing may be one solution to consider.


Laser Resurfacing Benefits

The laser targets fine lines and wrinkles, improves the appearance of “crow’s feet” around the eyes, smoothes frown lines, removes brown spots, evens out splotchy skin color, improves the appearance of scars and enhances overall skin tone and texture.

The unique properties of the laser allow the removal of thin layers of skin while minimizing damage to surrounding skin and tissue. The laser is so precise and controls so flexible that the depth and penetration of the laser on the skin’s surface can be specifically adjusted to meet the individual skin condition of each patient. This amazing flexibility offers your surgeon the opportunity to maximize your personal result.

Depending on the type of laser resurfacing that best meets your needs, we will determine the type of laser – ablative vs. non-ablative. A consultation with one of our surgeons will determine the best procedure for you.

Laser Resurfacing Procedures

Laser Resurfacing is considered a surgical procedure and the recovery process is very important. However, there are some less aggressive laser options available with less downtime. Surgical procedures will be done in our Reston, VA facility.

Laser Resurfacing Recovery

Laser resurfacing requires a minimum of two weeks recovery and laser resurfacing patients will be required to keep their skin heavily moisturized with a special solution and specific instructions will be given to each patient.

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