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The experienced plastic surgeons at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC perform breast lifts.

Virginia Breast Lift | Northern Virginia Breast LiftSagging breasts are one of the most common effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding, in addition to being a natural result of gravity’s effects over time. If your breasts have begun to sage with age or after having children, breast lift surgery is one option to restore your youthful, feminine contours.

Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC – Breast Lift Procedure

Whether performed alone or as part of your Mommy Makeover Plan, breast lift surgery is designed to restore the lift and perkiness of your bust.

Depending on your individual breast enhancement goals, there are several variations of breast lift surgery performed by our board certified cosmetic surgeons. We try to use the fewest possible incisions necessary to achieve the ideal results in order to minimize scarring and recovery time.

In each type of breast lift procedure, your surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to lift and tighten the bust line. This process reverses the effects of aging and pregnancy to give you perkier, younger-looking breasts. Many patients choose to combine breast lift surgery with breast augmentation for a more complete and beautiful transformation.

The breast lift operation is usually about a two hour procedure under general anesthesia along with a local anesthetic for the breast area. Our specially trained medical staff will work hard to keep you as comfortable and pain-free as possible after the surgery.

One popular option for post-operative pain management is a fanny pack pain pump, which you can use to administer pain relieving medication to the surgical site for several days. Be sure to not to miss any post-operative checkups or appointments, and follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to ensure a healthy, speedy recovery process.

Part of the Mommy Makeover Plan

Breast lift surgery is a key element in our Mommy Makeover Plan as sagging breasts are a common complaint after pregnancy and breastfeeding. By combining breast lift surgery with other Mommy Makeover procedures, you can achieve a total body transformation.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts or any other negative physical side effect of pregnancy, breast lift surgery and other Mommy Makeover procedures may be the key to finally feeling great about the way you look.

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