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3D Breast Imaging

Northern Virginia 3D Breast Imaging
Located in Reston, VA near Washington, D.C. Metro Area


Northern Virginia Breast Imaging - Breast Implants VAVirginia Breast imagingIf you are considering breast augmentation, Austin-Weston is offering an exciting and unique opportunity for our patients. With modern advances in 3D imaging combined with revolutionary new software, patients now have the ability to preview the results of breast augmentation procedures, including the ability to virtually “try on” different sizes of implants, well before any surgery is performed.

How it works

The process starts with a VECTRA 3D session which produces a three-dimensional photograph of the patient. Then, using the Sculptor software, the surgeon is able to manipulate the image to create a prediction of the expected results from breast augmentation surgery. The advanced Sculptor software allows the patient to view their original and simulated photographs from several perspectives for more precise and convenient comparisons.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Washington DC Breast Imaging - Breast Implants MDVECTRA 3D imaging allows our surgeons to provide a new level of confidence for patients. An Austin-Weston Center board-certified plastic surgeon and the patient can now focus on a clearly defined objective that will produce desired results by making changes to the 3D representation of the patient’s body.

The innovative technology results in high patient satisfaction, putting surgeon and patient “on the same page” visually like never before. Because the entire process is performed prior to any incision, both the clinical staff and the patient are able to progress with confidence, knowing everyone is moving in cooperation toward the same, precise goal. Knowledge is power. If you would like to experience the revolutionary insight into breast augmentation choices that VECTRA 3D Breast Imaging can provide, please call us at 703-893-6168 for your private consultation today!


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