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Abdomen Liposuction

Northern Virginia Liposuction

Women with bell shaped body proportions, small at the shoulders and wide at the tummy and hips, find abdominal liposuction, or liposuction of the abdomen area, to be a good starting point for removal of excess fat deposits and restoring the proper body proportion in the abdominal area.

Fat cells in and around the tummy area are targeted and safely removed with the use of a small canula, a hollow tube attached to a suction machine inserted just beneath the skin to brake up the fat. When used in conjunction with other liposuction procedures, such as, liposuction of the flanks & hips and liposuction of the thighs, patients are able to see dramatic improvement in the overall shape of their body. While excellent results can be achieved with the help of a skilled surgeon utilizing the latest liposuction procedures.

Liposuction is not a substitute for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise program. The goal should be to enhance an existing exercise program or “jumpstart” a new program and to maintain your liposuction results with a new commitment to lifestyle changes.


Abdominal Liposuction Procedure

A small incision is made in a natural crease of the skin or some other inconspicuous place. A hollow, pen-like device, called a canula, is inserted into the skin. The canula is used to take out the fat. If using VASER® Lipo, the canula helps to dissolve the fat before the excess is taken out. Patients are sent home wearing a compression garment to help with the swelling.

Abdominal Liposuction Recovery

Patients return the following day and incisions are checked. A new garment is put on and patients are taught how to wear it. A week later, patients return and stitches are removed. You will then be given instructions on how long to wear your garment. Liposuction patients will experience some swelling and bruising, but overall the liposuction recovery is not difficult.


People come in all different shapes and sizes. Every body type has areas that are predisposed to fat storage and, even with rigorous diet and exercise, those unwanted bulges often persist. The VASER® Lipo technique offers a safe alternative for ridding yourself of those stubborn fat deposits to provide you a smooth new shape with fast recovery.

What is VASER® Lipo? Is it different than traditional liposuction?

VASER® Lipo is a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that precisely and efficiently removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER® Lipo uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. Only the VASER® Lipo procedure uses the proprietary VASER System to first liquefy fat and then remove it from the body to promote smooth results and rapid healing with only low to minimal pain.

What happens during VASER® Lipo?

First, the liposuction area to be reshaped is filled with a special saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution wets and fills the area to be treated, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the VASER® Lipo System's ultrasound energy. Then a small probe transmits sound energy (similar to that used for cataract removal from the eye) to fragment fatty tissue on contact while leaving other important tissues largely intact. Finally, the liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues.

Is VASER® Lipo right for me?

If you are frustrated by the resistance of certain body areas to diet and exercise, VASER® Lipo can provide a solution. If you are healthy and seeking a fast, low-pain solution for losing stubborn fat deposits, the liposuction procedure could be your answer.

Patients who say they would have never considered liposuction are now finding the VASER® Lipo procedure is a minimally invasive option for the achievement of their body reshaping goals. Although there are limits to the amount of fat that can be removed, your doctor can assist you with your decision about potential areas for liposuction contouring, anticipated results, and the recovery process.

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