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Northern Virginia Plastic Surgery Practice Offers VECTRA 3D Breast Imaging

Published on September 13, 2012 by

“Space Age” 3D breast imaging technology a fit with The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery’s reputation for innovation and patient satisfaction

Reston, VA (September 2012) –The board-certified plastic surgeons of The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery are pleased to announce the arrival of VECTRA 3D breast imaging. VECTRA’s advanced ultra-high resolution color image capture technology allows patients to “try on” different sizes and types of breast implants on a three-dimensional image of their own body, giving more clarity than ever before to desired breast augmentation outcomes.

“Whether you are interested in silicone or saline implants, VECTRA 3D is unique among other plastic surgery imaging tools in its highly personalized and precise representation of the likely result from surgery,” says Dr. George W. Weston. “In our practice, we’re very fortunate to have many patients who allow us to use their before and after breast photos to show to other patients on our website, www.austin-weston.com. This is very helpful to our breast augmentation patients as they decide on the implant size that’s right for them. I’ve been performing cosmetic plastic surgery for over twenty years, and while I can use my experience as a surgeon to predict the likely result of a certain implant size in a certain patient, the patient can’t. This technology is truly groundbreaking because for the first time the patient can see the likely result before surgery.”

Adds Austin-Weston Center surgeon Dr. Robert K. Sigal, “VECTRA 3D is an incredibly effective application of 3D technology, combining advanced imaging with perspectives that are personal and important to the patient.

The VECTRA 3D viewing tools show the patient their likely outcome from a number of angles and perspectives, as well as superimposed over or side-by-side with their ‘before’ image, virtually clothed, virtually unclothed or in a virtual bikini top.  It’s important to keep pace with technology and how it impacts patients. For example, I’ve called videochatting a ‘mirror on steroids’ that is changing the way people see themselves.

VECTRA 3D is technology that will completely change the way breast augmentation patients see their likely surgical results. Trying on implants by placing different sizes in a sports bra was helpful, but the VECTRA 3D is space-age stuff. The three-dimensional technology captures and highlights the physical individuality of each patient to create the most personalized vision possible of the likely result from surgery. VECTRA 3D will change the way breast implant sizes are chosen. In short, VECTRA 3D is highly advanced technology with an equally advanced human touch, and I’m excited to have it in my practice.”

Austin-Weston Center surgeon Dr. Byron D. Poindexter comments, “Traditionally with breast augmentation, the size question is the one that patients wrestle with the most. Especially when augmentation surgery has been a goal or a desire for a long time, it’s important for patients to feel confident with the size choice they’ve made,” says Dr. Poindexter. “As a plastic surgeon who’s performed well over a thousand breast augmentations, I can make implant size recommendations based on the patient’s desires, their anatomy, and my aesthetic judgment. But with VECTRA 3D, for the first time, patients can see potential outcomes on an image of their own body. VECTRA 3D is a powerful tool that can make patients feel more confident about their implant size choices and how they’ll look post-surgery with the size they’ve chosen. Patients often bring in photos of breasts from magazines, and those images are helpful, but only to a point. The anatomy of the model in the photographs may be very different from the patient’s anatomy. In plastic surgery, we speak in possibilities. What’s possible for one patient may not be ideal for another. That’s where VECTRA 3D comes in. For the first time, it’s possible for the patient to be her own model, to see her image with a number of different likely outcomes based on size and type of implant. It’s very important to me to be ‘on the same page’ aesthetically, so to speak, with my patients. VECTRA 3D breast imaging gives me the opportunity to put my vision of the desired outcome next to the patient’s vision, and we can work from there together, as a team. It’s important to me that my patients feel in charge of their surgical experience. It’s a great responsibility to be allowed to help patients achieve their dreams, and VECTRA 3D can help patients visualize those dreams with a tangible clarity like never before. The VECTRA technology really has to be seen to be believed – it’s quite something.”

See a more in-depth example of the VECTRA 3D imaging process at www.sculptmydream.com.