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With so many non-qualified doctors on the market that are dipping their hand in the plastic surgery pot, we’ve decided to pull together the top options for plastic surgery practices in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

We use them so frequently in our breast augmentation, tummy tuck and mommy makeover procedures, that we would assume everyone else did as well. Turns out patients don’t have as much information about them as they probably should.

On my desk is a “news-papery” looking journal called the “Plastic Surgery News.” The lead article this month is entitled “Plastic surgeons share the good, the bad and the ugly impact of reality TV.”

What’s a “Mommy Makeover”? The truth is that this combination of plastic surgery procedures is highly unique to the individual. Each Mommy Makeover is a multi-faceted jewel that is as different as the women who choose to have one.

The surgeons at Austin-Weston feel that one of the most important functions of cosmetic surgery is to create a harmony or a ‘truth’ between what is seen on the outside and what is felt on the inside.

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity and acceptance. Where once having a cosmetic procedure would have raised a few non-botoxed eyebrows, now plastic surgery is becoming a part of mainstream America.