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Skincare Treatments

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The Elite Skin Center’s medically supervised skin care treatments provide visible results not attainable in traditional spa outlets and are the gold standard for quality skin care services.

With the help of advanced technology, our experienced Medical Aestheticians will customize a facial treatment for you and design a special at-home regimen that will help your skin reach its optimum condition.

You will be amazed at the value you will receive and piece-of-mind knowing that you have been provided the most clinically proven treatments for stopping and reversing the visible effects of genetic, environmental, and sun-damaged skin in just the right dosage.


Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel is a process to improve the texture of various parts of the body including the face, arms, hands, legs, neck and chest. A Chemical Peel addresses fine lines on the face, hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration or age spots) found most predominately on the hands, sun damages skin, light freckling and for reducing the look of scars.

Clinical Facials

Designed for your precise skin type, this customized facial treatment incorporates European deep cleansing techniques with the use of enzymes, a peel and a specialized mask.


Dermabrasion is a procedure that can be included with other facial rejuvenation surgical procedures. The surface of the upper layer of the skin is removed by abrasion or sanding. Dermabrasion treatments are commonly used to remove sun-damaged skin, correct the effects of aging, remove fine lines, small acne scars and address dark spots on the skin.


A Micro Peel, like other chemical peels, is the process of applying a chemical formula to the skin to encourage new cell stimulation. A Micro Peel works to smooth and soften skin leaving patients with a brighter complexion while minimizing discoloration and pores. The process begins with a gentle removing of dead skin cells.


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